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Tenjin’s Enterprise clients will now have access to data through the MoPub SDK version 5.7 in a unique way: Tenjin is working with MoPub to enable our customers to see their MoPub data in DataVault, our industry-leading data warehouse. Additionally, our customer success team has prepared a number of use cases for how marketers can utilize this data to their advantage.

Today, MoPub has released a new version of its SDK that opens access to impression-level ad revenue data. Through Tenjin’s unique approach, selected Tenjin Enterprise clients will be able to analyze this information through DataVault, our industry-leading data warehousing solution. Publishers and marketers will be able to access unprecedentedly detailed monetization metrics while gaining more granular insights into their user behavior and paid user acquisition campaigns. Here are just a few of the things that Tenjin’s DataVault clients can do with the support of our customer success team:

    • Analyze impression-level revenue data: MoPub will provide Tenjin users with real-time revenue data as ad impressions are triggered. These records will include relevant data fields like demand source, ad placement, currency, country information, and more.
    • Determine the optimal amount of impressions to show users: Clients can now identify the values of each impression shown depending on the ad format and impression order.
    • Clarify revenue precision: To account for any discrepancies, MoPub will flag revenue data to indicate which demand sources provide exact figures or estimates. This helps publishers determine the average eCPM with a higher degree of granularity when measuring ROI and building LTV models.

These are just a few of the benefits Tenjin clients have to look forward to. With impression-level revenue metrics at hand, publishers and marketers are better equipped to calculate true ROI, generate accurate ads LTV models, and optimize their ad waterfall strategies.

This product is currently only available in closed beta to select Enterprise clients. For more details on how Tenjin is supporting MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product, email us at Existing Tenjin Enterprise clients can also contact their account managers to learn more.

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