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Episode #1: Data Scientists of Hyper-casual


Head of Data Science and Tenjin General Manager Carole Wai Hai moderates a new webinar series where she sits down with industry experts to discuss marketing science aspects in Adtech, specifically within mobile gaming and hyper-casual. In this premiere episode, the panel discusses their backgrounds in Data Science, its importance for hyper-casual companies, and processes for building internal BI.


Here’s what you will find in this episode:

    1. How big is the “data sciences” team currently, how big was it when you joined? What can you tell us about your data stack (tools and technology you use). how difficult it was to set-it up. 4:26
    2. What is one of the first projects an Hypercasual company goes through when starting their Data Sciences team? Did you observe different “phases” of data-maturity? For example what was the process of building your internal BI? 9:40
    3. What was one of the most interesting projects (or complete failure) that you would like to share with the listeners to teach them something or help them avoid any pit-fall? 18:12


Carole is joined by:


Julia Dahlgren, Data Scientist at Popcore
Sophie Hamelin, Data Scientist at Juicy Publishing
Yu Meng, Lead Data Scientist at Green Panda Games

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