[Video] iOS 14: Industry wide effects on Facebook UA, hyper-casual genre and overall reporting

One of the immediate effects of iOS 14 release in September is that all advertisers, regardless of the MMP they use, will see a significant drop of installs (80%?) on SANs like Facebook. Back in July, we felt that the direct effects on advertisers are rarely discussed. That’s why we invited various industry experts for a panel to debate what advertisers can do to prepare for the future in the post- iOS 14 world. Even four weeks after the video was shot, provided insights are still actionable so make sure to make notes.

Earlier this Summer, during WWDC20, Apple announced that user privacy would change with the upcoming release of iOS 14. This change will have a significant impact on the mobile advertising ecosystem, with users now being required to opt-in for advertising attribution.

Product Marketing Manager, Roman Garbar, moderated a virtual panel for White Nights Hub on possible implications for hyper-casual publishers, advertisers, and the industry. Notably, this is the first public discussion at a conference on said implications. Panelists include Head of Hyper-casual at MyGames, Andrei Dubinin; Senior Marketing Manager at KakaoGames, Dmitry Gubanenkov; and Lead UA & Monetization at Homa Games, Gonçalo Alemao.

Apple is releasing iOS 14 in September and IDFA is going to be opt-in, limiting the ability for marketers to do the traditional attribution that they got used to. Also, IDFA going opt-in means IDFA as an attribution solution might be going away in the future.

When asked what stage of IDFA grieving they’re at, the panelists are between denial and problem solving. "Granular data has been here for the past 5-7 years, and now in a month you change this," exclaims Dmitry, who is humorously in denial.

Andrei is nearing problem-solving with an optimistic outlook. "I mean, at least we know now, right?"

Gonçalo believes that advanced reporting will become even more critical. "I feel we will become much more technical and BI driven… We are already looking at new ways to read data differently." explains Gonçalo.

Also, panelists have discussed the metrics and dimensions that will be deprecated in the new attribution framework provided by Apple. You can see the full list of changes in one of our trainings here.

So, what's there to do? What to possibly expect, come September on? Should UA managers double down on their iOS budget a month before iOS 14? How do you handle aggregate data moving forward? Here are some takeaways from the panelists:

  • There should be more use of BI tools to adapt to aggregated data.
  • Prepare for bidding to suffer in the short-term.
  • Creative testing will move to Android for the time being.
  • CPIs will decrease.
  • Compare campaigns with LAT (Limited Ad Tracking) ON/OFF while it’s possible.

Parting advice from the panel? "Stay open and stay hungry," says Andrei.

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