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An oft-quoted phrase in business is that “the customer is always right.” A new podcast, “The Vending Machine: Game publishers and their service providers,” puts this to the test.

Hosts Peggy-Anne Salz of Mobile Groove and Oliver Kern from Lockwood/Target Games sit down in their premiere episode with Co-founder of indie studio Lucky Kat Studios (publisher of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever & Nom Plant) Herdjie Zhou as he gives feedback on Tenjin to our Director Platform, Matthaus Krzykowski.

Intro to Lucky Kat Studios
In May 2015, two brothers Herdjie and Hernan Zhou founded the studio. With the mission to build mobile apps with a pop culture twist. Early games were ‘pixel perfect.’ In 2016, they began releasing IAP and experimenting with UA. They start training with Tenjin and expanding their horizons with the use of DataVault. In 2019, they released Nom Plant and started growing their team in the Hague. Herdjie and the team continue to receive Tenjin (now developer focused) and continue looking to the future. Hopefully, with a few ‘more calls from Matthaus.’

When asked how Tenjin views the relationship with Lucky Kat Studios and their request for more training, Matthaus replied, “we love relationships like this. We know it may take a long time. That’s why we have a free tier and give a lot of free tooling away… Free attribution, and examples like Herdjie’s, we like a lot.”

The podcast’s premise allows for an open and honest conversation/debate. What is the relationship between customer and provider? Is the customer happy with the services? Can the service provider explain how their services are beneficial and speak to what is missing by the client? The crew discusses UA, marketability, the overall value of an attribution provider, data granularity, and much more.

Click the link to watch.

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