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Ad networks play a vital role in the mobile ecosystem by acting as a middle point between your game and potential users.

Tenjin currently supports hundreds of ad networks, like well-known SANs (self-attributing networks) and some new frontrunners like TikTok. “Ad networks are the main resource for advertisers to promote and monetize their games,” explains Tenjin Customer Success Manager, Heelin Kang. “People try SANs, or the big four as they are known, to have a bigger user pool, and you get to acquire users with cheaper CPIs.”

When choosing ad networks for hyper-casual, who has the biggest reach and users who meet your needs? Some networks focus on local or international reach, while some focus on specific ad formats, like banners or videos. Figure out what’s essential for your game, ask around to see which networks others may be using, and consider the prominent players.

Top Ad Networks by Ad Spend for iOS and Android (alphabetical order):

Ad Colony
Apple Search Ads
Google Ads
Unity Ads

We’ve recently released our Hyper-casual Benchmark report for 2021. Included are key insights for the Top 10 countries, Top 10 ad networks for User Acquisition, and Ad Monetization. This report considers the effects of COVID-19, Apple’s WWDC announcement of IDFA deprecation, and new attribution modeling.


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