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We recently released our 2020 Hyper-Casual benchmark report. In addition to insights for the Top 10 countries, included in this report is an outline of the Top 10 ad networks for User Acquisition and Ad Monetization. We’re all too familiar with networks like Facebook and Google, but what about other channels where you can buy inexpensive yet high LTV users? Where do they land in the list of Top 10 for ad spend? Who took the top spots for iOS and Android? Let’s find out.

Applovin is number 1 for ad spend on both iOS and Android. Its SDK helps to attract users on both iOS and Android, leveraging with ease for all types of ads. With a reach of 470 million mobile gamers, Applovin empowers developers to acquire new users and monetize games.

Facebook is widely used due to its highly-targeted ads that reach audiences across all their favorite apps and websites. With more than 1.6 billion users monthly, Facebook is sure to reach almost any required audience with its native-designed experiences for a variety of ad formats.

Google Ads
Google is a household name. It’s a verb! As the biggest search engine around, it is easily one of the most popular ad networks for advertisers. Google offers a tailored set of campaign types, tools, and resources to extend the reach of the most advanced campaigns. In our spend top 10, it’s tied with another top ad network.

Unity Ads
Unity Ads is built by the world’s leading mobile game platform, ensuring its seat in the top ad networks for 2020. Unity offers the first-ever game monetization solution that optimizes for lifetime value (LTV) (Unity Ads, 2020). Unity enables the integration of relevant ads in hyper-casual games’ experiences, helping to generate more revenue.


Vungle prides itself on impartiality and inclusiveness. It offers powerful tracking tools that help to optimize ad spend. Get to know campaigns effectively with Vungle’s transparent self-serve advertising platform. It allows for tracking real-time KPIs, adjusting targeting, and getting granular reports and connect better with your ideal audience.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, the world over. With an estimated 229 million (Snapchat) users daily, its platform allows advertisers to reach a global audience and become a part of their everyday conversations in unique ways. Snapchat’s integrated Ads Manager AdColony sets up campaigns in minutes with Instant Create.

TapJoy is a major ad network making it easy for advertisers who seek to connect with exclusive audiences in some of the world’s most popular mobile games and apps. For user acquisition, TapJoy leverages its expertise to measure ad engagement and in-app purchases. Ensuring ads are delivered to users to fuel business growth.


Mintegral provides one-stop solutions for advertisers and publishers. It helps advertisers globally bridge the gap between East and West and simplify the challenges of cross-regional mobile marketing. Mintegral has the lowest CPI of the top 10 ad networks with $0.16 on iOS and $0.08 on Android.

The biggest game developers in the industry use ironSource. ironSource builds technologies that move games to the next level, including a robust mobile ad mediation platform, and a data-driven user acquisition platform. It enables advertisers to find the next whales using a user acquisition platform and gain granular insights to make sure campaigns stay ROI positive.

Ad Colony
Ad Colony works closely with advertisers and publishers, helping them to maximize their campaigns. It develops cutting edge technology like its Core™ engine, which automatically optimizes campaigns for optimal return on ad spend for advertisers and monetization efficiency for publishers.

Apple Search Ads
Apple Search Ads is Apple’s self-attributing network, with an average conversion rate of 50% (Apple, 2020). It offers Basic and Advanced campaign management with the latter allowing you to set your own bids and budgets- only paying when a user taps an ad.



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