The Value of the Tenjin and mParticle Integration

We're happy to announce that we've partnered with mParticle!

The integration between Tenjin and mParticle allows developers to use Tenjin for attribution without using the Tenjin SDK. This reduces integration time and costs. These savings, when combined with Tenjin’s free-to-low cost attribution result in significant value for the developer.

Additionally, the integration allows developers to use mParticle to send revenue and other custom events to Tenjin’s mobile marketing analytics platform for analysis.

Developers who wish to take advantage of this integration can find the documentation here.

To set up the Tenjin integration for mParticle, you will need to enter the following information in mParticle: your Tenjin API Key and the Bundle ID (iOS) or Package name (Android) for your app.

The following events can be sent from mParticle to Tenjin to enable Attribution and other event tracking:

  • App Event
  • Application State Transition
  • Attribution
  • Commerce Event
  • Session Start / End

The Tenjin - mParticle integration is in line with Tenjin’s stated goal of trying to give mobile marketers as much flexibility as possible. Mobile marketers increasingly generate data from multiple marketing sources and need to combine these data sources for analyses. Both mParticle and Tenjin are used by mobile marketers as part of their growth stack and this exciting new partnership makes it easier than ever for mParticle customers to use Tenjin’s mobile attribution.

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