The 10 Best Stock Photo Sites For Travel App Marketers

Whether generating brand awareness or driving installs, travel app marketers depend on vibrant photorealistic images to convert audiences.

Keeping up campaign performance means regularly updating your creative, and while the bigger stock photography sites can be useful in a pinch, their popularity means photos could easily show up in your competitor’s campaigns, leading to brand confusion and lower campaign performance. Sifting through the deluge of non-travel content can also be challenging, making dedicated travel photography sites a less time-consuming alternative.

Thankfully the web is full of talented and generous photographers willing to share their work at low or no cost. Their sites can help travel app marketers maintain a steady stream of original creative, ensuring consistent campaign performance. Here are ten of the best stock photo sites for travel app marketers.

BucketListly Photos

This site is a goldmine for travel app marketers. Not only does it offer a gorgeous collection travel photos from all over the world, it also allows visitors to filter through the more than 7,000 pics using country filters that can be toggled on or off. Be sure to follow the site’s author, Pete Rojwongsuriya, on Twitter and Instagram for a constant stream of fresh travel pics.

New Old Stock

Take a journey back in time with this curated collection of gorgeous vintage photos, all from public domain. Perfect for campaigns targeting history buffs and anyone else interested in travelling to the more storied corners of the world. Fair warning that it is a tumblr feed, so don’t expect any of the navigational luxuries that come with a dedicated stock photo site. The site’s operators also offer curated pro photo packs for a nominal fee that can jump start your campaign development.


Cultural dining experiences are a huge part of tourism, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one collection of high-quality culinary photos. Foodiesfeed offers a diverse collection of 900 free food shots by founder Jakub Kapusnak and other professional food photographers. Those looking to really dig in can get a premium collection of 962 professional photos for a one-time commercial licensing fee of $49.

Travel Coffee Book

Another fantastic collection of free travel shots from all over the world, all fully available for personal or commercial use. Travel app marketers can leisurely scroll through pictures one by one, or download the entire collection of 236 photos (roughly 430 MB) at no extra cost using this helpful OneDrive link. Marketers can also sign up for email notifications to know whenever new shots are available.

Free Nature Stock

There’s no shortage of would-be travellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Drive engagement with your eco-tourism campaigns with this tranquil collection of shots showcasing the planet’s natural beauty. Follow their socials for a new free nature photo every day, and while you’re at it, subscribe to their newsletter for occasional updates and deals.

Barn Images

A joint project between photographs Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits, Barn Images is an eclectic mix of free high-res photos featuring everything from Italian architecture to sunlit beaches. The team adds new images every week, so follow their Instagram for fresh creative to help keep your campaigns at peak performance levels.

4Corners Images

Specializing in UK travel and landscape, 4Corners Images offers top-shelf collections of hi-res images from front line travel photographers. Absolutely essential for any serious travel app marketing operation, their premium collections are divided by country and feature stunning creative ideal for driving conversions. You’ll have to carve out some room in the budget, as these photos aren’t free, but the quality is more than worth it.

Realistic Shots

Another curated collection of free images, Realistic Shots is a dependable and cost-efficient source of campaign imagery. Don’t expect to find many original shots, however. The site’s curators seem to primarily pull their seven weekly shots from existing databases, but most feature active subjects and tropical landscapes, so best to keep them on your radar.


The premise of Guzmán Barquín’s site is simple: get a free high-resolution photo every day. Magdeleine accepts contributions from multiple professional photographers, but almost all shots are centered around a sense of place, giving travel app marketers more than enough to work with when building their campaign creatives. Check out Guzmán’s Instagram for a sample of what you can expect from the feed.

Fancy Crave

Finally, we have Fancy Crave. It’s another boutique travel photography site that got its start in February 2015 when Igor Ovsyannykov decided to start regularly giving away 2 free photos from his travels throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Japan. Igor has slowed his regular publishing schedule, but still offers a variety of premium collections from his travels throughout the Asia-Pacific and surrounding regions. Perfect for advertising tropical getaways and exotic adventures.

We hope you found something useful! Be sure to support these talented creatives whenever possible, and best of luck with your campaigns. Check out our 2017 Ad Spending Report to learn which paid channels are producing the best results for travel app marketers, as well as how Tenjin can help you discover every campaign’s real dollar value.

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