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The consumer journey is more complex today than it has ever been before. As consumers rely on a greater multitude and variety of connected devices, it has become increasingly difficult to follow their digital footprint. And yet it’s vital for product people in this day and age to understand every user’s journey so that they can build products and features based on how their users behave out there in the “real world.”

That’s where Mixpanel comes in. Mixpanel offers product analytics that helps businesses understand every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web. And now, Mixpanel customers can import Tenjin user attribution data in order to get important information about their advertising efforts alongside data from the rest of the customer journey.

Mixpanel is one of the most advanced analytics companies for mobile and web. The company analyzes more than 5 trillion data points every year from over 16,500 customers, including Uber, Spotify, and The company’s mission is to help the world learn from its data, and Tenjin is proud to support that mission by adding our marketing data to the mix

By looking at detailed information about their advertising sources, channels and campaigns alongside data from the rest of the customer journey, product managers can get a more complete picture of their users’ journey. They’ll gain additional insights based on how those users were acquired, where they came from, what campaigns they responded to, and so on. These insights will be invaluable as companies look to build better products based on how users engage with what they build.

All you have to do if you’re already a Tenjin and a Mixpanel customer, is set up a callback from Tenjin to Mixpanel by going to Apps -> YOUR APP -> New Callback. You can call it “Mixpanel.” For the callback URL, you can use GET as the request type and replace [YOUR_TOKEN] with the token Mixpanel gives you to pass callbacks via a server.

For more about how to integrate, visit the Tenjin help center here (requires login).

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