Tenjin’s Ad Revenue Attribution: The Industry’s Most Powerful Way to Optimize Ad Spend Based on Ad Revenue

Tenjin has been offering Ad Revenue Attribution for more than year, dating back to this announcement from November, 2015. But as more developers begin to realize just how much money stands to be both saved and earned by optimizing ad campaigns based on in-app ad revenue, it’s a practice that is now picking up steam.

What is Ad Revenue Attribution, and why is it important? At its most basic, Ad Revenue Attribution allows app publishers to associate in-app ad revenue with certain marketing activities. It is particularly important for any app developer that relies on advertising for a significant portion of their revenue, because if they’re only looking at IAP Attribution then they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle when trying to optimize ad spend.

Our data shows that for most developers, ad revenue makes up more than 20% of users’ total lifetime value. For some developers it is much more than 20%. And there is often a large discrepancy in terms of which ad sources drive users who produce the highest revenue via advertising. So if you’re not optimizing your ad spend based on Ad Revenue Attribution, you are (A) leaving money on the table, and (B) likely overspending on under-performing users.

What makes Ad Revenue Attribution so complex is that the majority of ad networks can only provide app-level ad revenue data through their APIs, and the accuracy of ad revenue attribution begins to deteriorate at the campaign and country levels. At the same time, to get the most accurate and useful view of Ad Revenue Attribution, the ad revenue must be cohorted to the user so that you can calculate ad LTV of users from their acquisition date. We offer this cohorting to app developers so they can figure out their true ROI when comparing total LTV to campaign acquisition costs. We will continue to remain on the cutting edge for this as the ecosystem improves since this is so important.

For Big Blue Bubble, one of the many developers using Tenjin’s Ad Revenue Attribution, the service has enabled the company to optimize ad spend by focusing on the networks that drive the highest overall quality of users, which includes both IAP revenue and ad revenue. While most attribution services can only track IAP revenue, Tenjin’s ad revenue data has turned out to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle that Big Blue Bubble simply could not get elsewhere. And with Tenjin’s Ad Revenue Attribution, the company can now map ad revenue back to the individual user.

The other key piece involved in Ad Revenue Attribution is everything you can do with the data once you combine it with our DataVault, which gives developers direct access to user-level and raw data so they can perform custom analyses without having to build their own data pipelines and infrastructure. With DataVault and Ad Revenue Attribution combined, developers can do way more to optimize app marketing than what they could do through a standard, rigid dashboard. Every business is unique, and DataVault lets you figure out how to use your data without needing to build everything from scratch or rely on something pre-built.

From the very beginning, we set out to build a unique mobile marketing infrastructure, the kind that arms app marketers with all of the data they need to make informed decisions, not just a partial view of it. That’s why we’ve offered Ad Revenue Attribution from the early days of our platform, and why we continue to give developers the tools to make better use of their data.

Email us today at info@tenjin.io to learn more about how our Ad Revenue Attribution can benefit your app.

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