Tenjin Releases Country-Level Ad Revenue Reports

More developers than ever owe a big slice of their earnings to ads. However, most attribution tools only track IAP revenue. Here at Tenjin, we’ve always recognized how important it is to track advertising revenue as well as IAP revenue in order to get a complete picture of a user’s lifetime value and revenue generation. And now, we’ve gone even one step further, by providing developers with the ability to break down advertising revenue and advertising LTV by country.

Today it’s typical for developers to analyze their in-game ads in two ways: by placement (where the ads are in an app, such as after finishing a level in a game), and by network, which is increasingly handled in mediation waterfalls.

But measuring campaign results at a global level often misses important data. The performance of each campaign and network can vary significantly by region. Developers that monetize a lot through ad impressions, for instance, may do particularly well in Latin America, which generates more revenue per impression than Asia Pacific or Africa.

These measurements are particularly valuable in countries that might not generate much revenue through in-app purchases. Rewarded ads, in particular, are now generating significant revenue even in developing countries. Take India, where a vanishingly small number of users pay for IAP. Rewarded ad completions, by comparison, tend to scale in proportion to play time--and Indians play as much as any other nationality.

Tenjin’s new ad LTV and ad revenue reports open up new decisions and opportunities for developers by allowing them to pinpoint countries or regions that deliver superior results. Tests with local marketing partners, for instance, will be easier and better with a complete view into the revenue generated by acquired users. Mediation waterfalls can also be tuned to include country data and to select smaller, more specialized networks in some geographies. Even the game design may shift in response to geography data -- since some countries drive higher than average ad revenue and have different expectations from ads.

To check out how ad revenue is broken down in the Tenjin dashboard, go to https://www.tenjin.io/dashboard/publisher. Or for more info, reach out to us at support@tenjin.io.

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