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Game development has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, and as development kits have made it possible for beginners and experts alike to build apps in record time, plugins have replaced time-intensive programming tasks. These plugins are becoming more commonly available for cross platform development engines, another trend that is making life easier for app developers. Just five years ago, it was rare to find mobile apps built with cross platform development tools like Unity3d. Now, it is much more common as increased competition means that most developers cast their nets wide for users, releasing on iOS, Android and even the Amazon app store.

One of the pioneers in cross platform mobile app development is Corona Labs. For years developers have been using the Corona SDK to build games quickly and at a low cost. That is why we are proud to announce a new partnership today that integrates our mobile marketing platform into the Corona SDK.

Built-in functionality is what really makes the Corona SDK tick, covering features like monetization and real-time testing. Plugins are selected from a curated inventory, and Tenjin was recently added to let developers measure the performance of every ad network they advertise or publish with. Tenjin architecture is built for cross platform mobile development, supporting iOS, Android and Amazon apps and providing deep, user-level analytics and ROI management.

We’re happy to become part of a platform that has produced hit games across mobile, PC and TV platforms, like Frozen Gun Games’ Freeze! and Laser Dog’s HoPiKo.

(photo caption: Top: Freeze! from Frozen Gun Games; Bottom: Laser Dog’s HoPiKo)

To use the Tenjin plugin from Corona, first sign up with us for an API key. Attribution can be turned on by simply calling the tenjin.init() API in script. A more detailed documentation of how to use the plugin can be found here.

Once attribution is on, you’ll be able to see the quantitative performance of each ad network from our dashboard, and from this you can optimize your game’s marketing budget. In addition to attribution, our plugin also enables event logging and analytics as well as revenue analysis of in-app purchase and ad revenue data.

If you have questions, email us at or join the discussions about our attribution plugin on Corona Labs’ forums.

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