Tenjin Partners With Leading Game Dev Analytics deltaDNA

Tenjin is happy to announce a new partnership with deltaDNA, one of the most innovative data analytics and real-time marketing companies for mobile game developers.

DeltaDNA can now accept Tenjin user data, which allows developers to segment, analyze and message their players throughout the entire player life cycle. Data can be tracked from attribution all the way through to in-app purchase.

Partnerships like Tenjin and deltaDNA are a hint at the possibilities of future game development. With this simple integration between these two partners, understanding your players becomes easier and more automated: players are identified and tagged, and then analyzed with the best tool for the job.

DeltaDNA’s analytics platform will allow Tenjin customers to see dozens of visualizations of player behavior and monetization. Player segments can be A/B tested for game features, or targeted with in-app messaging. Both Tenjin and deltaDNA also warehouse your data, allowing for data mining with SQL or other tools.

Add the deltaDNA integration in just three easy steps -- for more details, check out the documentation. Or, if you aren’t yet a customer, drop us a line at sales@tenjin.io.

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