Tenjin Now Sends Data Straight to Leanplum for Better Mobile Marketing & CRM

As any app team can tell you, succeeding on mobile goes well beyond app downloads. Driving high-quality, cost-effective installs is only step one. Next comes the equally hard work of engaging users and keeping them coming back.

Fortunately, platforms like Leanplum exist to help app teams create impactful relationships with their users. And starting today, Tenjin has integrated with the Leanplum API to enable Leanplum clients to easily import their mobile marketing and advertising data from Tenjin straight into the Leanplum platform.

Leanplum is the marketing cloud built for the mobile era. Its integrated platform delivers meaningful user engagement across both messaging and the in-app experience. The Leanplum platform offers Messaging, Automation, App Editing, Personalization, A/B Testing, and Analytics — all in a single solution. Top brands such as Lyft, Tesco, and Tinder trust Leanplum to create impactful relationships with their mobile users.

Now, Leanplum clients can import their Tenjin data into the Leanplum platform in order to segment and target customers based on important marketing data points like source, cost, behavior and more. By combining Tenjin’s data with Leanplum’s data and platform, marketers have a powerful new way to optimize the lifetime value of each and every user.

Leanplum has been on quite a roll lately, entering 2017 having recently been named one of Business Insider’s “Most Valuable Enterprise Startups,” its CTO and co-founder, Andrew First, having been named to Forbes’ <a href=http://www.forbes.com/30-under-30-2017/enterprise-technology/#2d3031231286">“30 under 30” list for Enterprise Tech, and having landed $29 million in Series C funding last October. The company is truly a leader in mobile marketing and customer engagement, and we are proud to enhance its platform by letting mobile teams add our data.

To do this, all you have to do, assuming you’re already a Tenjin and a Leanplum customer, is set up a callback from Tenjin to Leanplum by going to Apps -> YOUR APP -> New Callback. When creating your callback to Leanplum you’ll need your [LEANPLUM_APPID] and your [LEANPLUM_CLIENT_KEY]. You can get those from Menu -> App Settings in the Leanplum dashboard.

To learn more about how to integrate, visit the Tenjin help center here (requires login).

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