Tenjin in 2020 - A year for the books

This year, 2020, is going to be one for the books. The intensity of this year has touched us personally, and the mobile industry was no different. We have seen significant disruptions, some of which we are still dealing with the shockwaves. To be fair, there have been plenty of good things as well, right? Well, we believe so. We wanted to take a look back at some highlights for #TeamTenjin this year.

Product Updates & Integrations

We kicked the year off with a significant release of our free automation APIs that Tenjin customers can use to streamline their reporting and campaign management operations. With this new standard, our goal was to make workflow automation the forefront of performance marketing. The APIs are built for scaling businesses that want to do more work with less.

It is important to us that we are transparent with customers about the security of their data. This year, as part of its commitment to world-class security, Tenjin continuously invested in security improvements. Tenjin completed its first SOC 2 Type 1 security audit. The Trust Services Criteria examined were security and confidentiality. The auditors found that Tenjin maintains a comprehensive system of controls and procedures that meet the security requirements of SOC 2 Type 1.

We updated the Unlinked Campaigns page and introduced a new Health tab where notifications for data issues such as unlinked campaigns or ad placements are displayed on the Tenjin Dashboard. This update was relevant for Tenjin Dashboard users, those who've built their dashboards via Looker, and those who run their metrics in DataVault.

iOS 14 introduced Apple's new attribution framework, SKAdNetwork, in September 2020. We released our iOS 14 compatible SDK and a To-do list for clients to better prepare for the shift. We worked on an entirely new model for attributing users for marketing to allow advertisers to make educated decisions in the new reality.


We are excited to join two prestigious mobile measurement programs. In January, we announced that we are now recognized as an official Apple Search Ads Partner. This allows Tenjin to improve the experience for clients advertising with Apple Search Ads.

In April, we announced that we were joining the App Attribution Partner program with Google. As an AAP, Tenjin joined an elite program that includes partners across app attribution, view-ability metrics, reach, brand lift, and brand safety.

Client Training

One of our biggest focuses this year has been providing more training. Here are a few just a few we shared publicly:


We wanted to improve how we update our customers regularly. That's why this year we started our monthly newsletter. Providing you with monthly updates on new products, training, and other cool happenings with Team Tenjin.

We released four new case studies this year of Tenjin clients and their success. Click the links below to find out more and download the PDFs:

  1. Case Study: ITI uses Tenjin to help increase Apple Search Ads installs by 6x
  2. Tenjin Case Study: TokyoSmartGames User Acquisition Journey
  3. Case Study: Godzilab gains success with Tenjin's campaign bucketing tool
  4. Case Study: Gamejam ROI +32% using Reporting Metrics API

When it comes to hyper-casual benchmarking, we remain leaders at the forefront of an ever-growing industry- providing marketers with relevant stats on platforms, top countries, and ad networks.  

  1. H1 2020 Benchmark report
  2. HC Benchmark report 2020


With 2020 being a year of little to no in-person events, we are delighted to have still taken part in some of the most significant events of the year. We were able to attend one conference in person this year while the remaining conferences and special panels were virtual.

Team Tenjin Grew!

This is, by far, one of the most exciting highlights of 2020. Technically, a few joined in December 2019, but we are counting them!

  • Berlin Office Manager- Insa Mortag
  • Head of Sales, China- Mingzhe Li
  • Content Marketing Manager- Ebony Nicole Simon
  • Customer Success Manager- Heelin Kang
  • Senior Software Engineer- Hwan-Joon Choi
  • Senior Software Engineer- William Montgomery
  • Junior Operations Manager- Karina Ruiz Garcia
  • Senior Product Designer- Amy Abito
  • Senior Global Operations Manager- Anna Hoffmann

We are thankful for such an eventful year and the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. It has been a memorable one. We continue to be passionate about the mobile ecosystem’s growth and look forward to what's to come.

From Team Tenjin, we wish you all the best and a prosperous 2021!

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