Tenjin joins Google Measurement Partners

With the announcement of Tenjin becoming an App Attribution Partner in Google's Measurement Partner program, clients should look forward to gaining valuable campaign insights, across Google advertising products, that will allow them to better measure and optimise their performance. "To help you better understand performance complexity, Google Measurement Partners gives you an array of options to expand your measurement capabilities," (Google, 2020). As an App Attribution partner, Tenjin joins an elite program that includes partners across app attribution, viewability metrics, reach, brand lift, and brand safety.

The purpose of Google's Measurement program is to provide verified accuracy and quality of brand safety. Measurement Partners work closely with Google, and meet rigorous and verified standards: ensuring you can be confident you're working with a measurement provider you can trust. This integration will simplify the campaign process and setup time and when paired with Tenjin's free suite of automation APIs, this will allow marketers to run campaigns with less manual work.This means more time for you to make informed decisions.

With this new set of tools and capabilities through Google’s AAP, our goal is to make workflow automation the forefront of performance marketing. Working with partners, like Google's Measurement program, Tenjin will continue to offer the expertise, transparency, and resources you need in order to gain a full understanding of the user journey.

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