Tenjin Gives Schoold a Scalable, Affordable and Effective Mobile Marketing Solution

The process of finding and getting into the right college is one of the most important tasks in a person’s life. And yet it can also be very daunting. Fortunately, a startup called Schoold exists to help students pursue their dreams by providing college searches, admissions help, guidance counseling, funding options and more. As the company aims to fulfill its mission of democratizing the college opportunity for all students, it has eschewed a web strategy in favor of its mobile app -- an app that Huffington Post called “the next Amazon for education opportunities.” You can check the app out at http://social.schoold.co.

Schoold’s Head of Growth, Mai Ho, is responsible for growing the app aggressively but responsibly, driving quality new installs that convert to high-value users at an effective rate. To accomplish her goals, Mai knew she’d have to use data in smart ways to quickly A/B test and to scale strategies that worked. That meant getting an accurate and reliable view of her ad spend, in-app activities and user-level ROI.

“As the Head of Growth at Schoold, it’s imperative that we use data to our advantage, but I have to be very mindful about how I prioritize my time, effort and budget,” Mai said.

Prior to enlisting Tenjin’s help, Mai and her team were receiving daily reports on ad spend through all of the ad networks that they worked with, then importing it all into an excel spreadsheet for analysis. Mai partnered with Tenjin and tapped the company to help aggregate Schoold’s ad spend and app revenue automatically so that she could quickly and easily get a clear picture of overall ROI. What attracted her to Tenjin was its vision for driving powerful mobile marketing through data, its cost effective pricing structure, and its ability to scale with Schoold as it grows.

Tenjin makes it possible for Ho to conduct the data-driven, ROI-centric marketing that her job requires. Since implementing Tenjin, Ho estimates that she has saved several hours of her time each month aggregating data and modeling ad spend, not to mention putting together ad hoc reports for Schoold’s executives and investors. And because of Tenjin’s flexible pricing model, which provides affordable tiers for small and mid-sized developers, Schoold has been able to greatly reduce expenses over what it would cost for competing solutions.

“I was looking for an infrastructure partner that has great vision and understands the struggles and goals of a startup,” Mai explained. “I am happy we selected Tenjin, because not only is the product exactly what we needed, but the implementation was a breeze and the support we’ve received from the Tenjin team has been nothing short of remarkable.”

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