Tenjin Empowers Big Blue Bubble With Better, More Flexible Data

Big Blue Bubble is Canada's largest independent mobile gaming company. Founded in 2004 and headquartered out of London, Ontario, the company has more than 100 games in its portfolio, although perhaps none more successful and enjoyable than My Singing Monsters, the critically acclaimed world-builder game. The company relies on more than a dozen ad networks to promote and distribute its games, utilizing a sophisticated, data-driven approach to optimize its app marketing campaigns.

Big Blue Bubble’s monetization and user acquisition teams were seeking a way to both simplify their data analysis practices and put their data to better use. Many of the company’s data initiatives required cumbersome manual processes, while a lack of flexibility in how it looked at its data, not to mention an inability to look at the data holistically, prevented it from getting key insights that would allow it to act with greater speed, granularity, and conviction.

Tenjin was tapped by Big Blue Bubble to help the company streamline its mobile marketing efforts and manage its data. Big Blue Bubble leveraged Tenjin’s analytics and aggregation solutions in order to look at ad spend, ad revenue, IAP revenue, in-app behaviors and more -- all in one place. The company also used Tenjin’s DataVault to get direct access to user-level data so that it had more flexibility when running queries and pivoting the data to suit its needs.

Tenjin provides Big Blue Bubble with insights into both the IAP and ad-based revenue of its apps -- something it wasn’t able to get from other attribution partners. This data has proven invaluable in helping it understand the impact of its app marketing campaigns and optimize those efforts accordingly. Meanwhile, Tenjin’s DataVault enables Big Blue Bubble to do so much more with its data than the standardized reports it used to get from other vendors. Big Blue Bubble has also saved countless hours by eliminating or streamlining manual tasks like the creation of tracking links or data importing.

“Tenjin easily plugs into our internal analytics platform and offers a holistic LTV of our users, streamlined onboarding, robust reporting, and flexibility to build upon device level information via DataVault. I’d highly recommend Tenjin to any company that relies on a data-driven approach to app marketing and monetization.” Bryan Davis, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Big Blue Bubble

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