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The importance of easily manageable aggregate data has never been so high, especially after recent iOS 14 news. Our latest client case study is about the Tokyo game development company, TokyoSmartGames. They use Tenjin to transition from using Google Spreadsheets to building their own internal BI. TokyoSmartGames Director, Kinoshita Tomohiro, provides insights into how the user acquisition team of three find success using Tenjin.


Humble Beginnings

TokyoSmartGames is a mobile game publisher, based in Tokyo, with almost a decade of experience creating mobile games. Initially, their focus is on organic growth. They then decide to give paid UA (user acquisition) a try. “Talking about user acquisition, well, we were unable to run campaigns with access to complete UA data in the past. This is new for TokyoSmartGames,” explains Kinoshita Tomohiro, TokyoSmartGames Director.


The team spent approximately twenty hours per month collecting data from various sources and compiling it into a Google Spreadsheet. That was a very tedious process for the small UA team. Think about what they could use that time for?! Moreover, even when all data were collected, they were unable to track ROAS (return on ad spend) of the campaigns.

TokyoSmartGames needed to find a tool that would allow them to measure the advertising performance of ad revenue based apps like hyper-casual games. They needed a product that would ultimately allow them to scale their UA using automation without enterprise-level product costs.



TokyoSmartGames worked closely with Tenjin to automate UA and Ad Monetization reporting. The goal was to switch from Google spreadsheets to their internal dashboard. One of the main requirements was that the new reporting would have the most essential hyper-casual KPIs like retention, cohort ad revenue LTV, and ROAS.

TokyoSmartGames chose to build its internal BI dashboard on top of Tenjin’s Reporting Metrics API data. The tool is available to all Tenjin users for free. It integrates Tenjin data with data from 300+ integrated partners, including data for both UA and Ad Monetization metrics.



TokyoSmartGames credits Tenjin for their success in publishing hyper-casual games.

Since they were able to customize and consolidate their UA and Ad Monetization data in one place, they can spend more time doing creative tasks. For instance, they used this time to test new channels and build their custom LTV predictions.

A few months after using the tool, they saw the average CPI drop by 20%.


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