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Today, we at Tenjin, are very excited to announce we are an Apple Search Ads Partner and will continue to build new tools on our integration. Being an Apple Search Ads Partner allows Tenjin to work closely with the Apple Search Ads team on building new tools and training for mobile game developers and marketers. This will give Tenjin clients more accurate means to track and act on your profitable Apple Search Ads campaigns.

What is Apple Search Ads?

Search plays a significant role in how users discover and download apps. Pure ASO on app submission is very competitive, and Apple Search Ads can help get apps discovered by users outside of ASO. An ad shown at the top of App Store search results is a way to boost app discovery for advertisers who are looking to extend their reach on the App Store.

Apple Search Ads is one of the most powerful tools in modern mobile marketing and allows advertisers to reach people right when they’re searching. 70% of App Store visitors search to find apps, while 65% of downloads occur directly after a search on the App Store. This high intent leads to strong conversion rates, with the average Apple Search Ads conversion rate being 50% (source). Safe to say that Apple Search Ads is an important method for developers to boost discoverability of their apps and has been since its start.

What does being an Apple Search Ads Partner mean for Tenjin customers?

By becoming an Apple Search Ads Partner, Tenjin is able to improve the experience of Tenjin customers advertising with Apple Search Ads. As partners, Tenjin and the Apple Search Ads team will work closely to identify, and correct, technical issues affecting Tenjin customers.  Also, our product teams are able to work closely to optimize the experience of Tenjin customers advertising with Apple Search Ads.  Finally, we will work together to produce training and educational content that teaches Tenjin customers how to get maximum value from Apple Search Ads.

With Tenjin’s integration, advertisers can link their Apple Search Ads account to automatically track metrics like install attribution, ROAs, and CPI. ASA ROI, Ad Revenue LTV, and other metrics can be accessed via Tenjin’s free dashboard, API, and DataVault. DataVault, Tenjin’s data warehouse, gives access to this data at the most granular level so developers can build their own tools.

How does this tie into the Tenjin’s tools and training?

As an Apple Search Ads Partner, Tenjin offers the tools and training you need to be effective in today’s data-driven industry. From basic ‘Apple Search Ads 101’ training, which introduces you to core ASA principles, to more advanced training that teaches you how to automatically bid for ROI positive keywords. Our goal is to give you the know-how to optimize the 500+ million visitors who visit the App Store each week (Apple, 2020).

Contact our Success Team at for any questions and to know more.

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