Tenjin Releases Two New Features to Help Advertisers Optimize Google AdWords

There are an infinite number of keyword combinations to bid on when building your Google ad campaigns for your app. So how do advertisers know which phrases and words to bid on, then whittle it down to an optimized set?

To address this issue Tenjin developed two key features:

The first feature allows developers to measure marketing analytics on organic Google search terms/keywords for Android. This means advertisers can see the LTV for search terms your customers are already using in Google's search engine.

Once you know the LTV of organic Google search keywords, the second feature allows advertisers to see marketing analytics for specific keywords in Google Adwords campaigns you bid on. In our dashboard we can track, measure, and display all core metrics for these types of paid campaigns. This includes CPI, retention, clicks, installs, LTV, ROI and all other KPIs. Knowing the effective search terms from the first feature allows you to bid effectively on the paid search terms in the second feature.

By starting with what users naturally search for on Google search, then paying for ads is easy because you know what those keywords are worth.

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