Releasing our latest SDK, for iOS 14

This week, we released our iOS 14 compatible SDK. The new SDK is now integrated with Apple’s SKAdNetwork and AppTrackingTransparency frameworks. The Beta build is currently based on iOS 14 Beta 7, which may require a future update once the final build of iOS 14 is released.

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Here is what is included in the SDK:

  • Tenjin’s SDK is now integrated with Apple’s SKAdNetwork (read more here) and AppTrackingTransparency frameworks.
  • Install reporting to ad networks: wrapper of Apple’s registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution method.
  • In-app events reporting: wrapper of Apple’s updateConversionValue method.
  • For Unity, we created methods to seamlessly integrate with the AppTrackingTransparency framework.
  • We created wrappers around SKAdNetwork to register ad network attribution tracking and send conversion values to SKAdNetwork-enabled ad networks.

Why is the update important?
iOS 14 introduces Apple's new attribution framework, SKAdNetwork (read more here), which by now we're sure you've heard of it. Initially planned for release in September 2020, Apple has recently announced that the new privacy policies for iOS 14 will now take effect 'early next year.’ This gives mobile marketing a bit more time, but no time to slack on preparations. At the bottom are some actionable points to take into account.

  • Apple Search Ads: In compliance with the new iOS 14 settings, error codes and dependencies for the iAd framework should be updated. Update the SDK if you advertise on Apple Search Ads.
  • If an ad network doesn’t support SKAdNetwork attribution, you won’t see these values on their dashboard. Please note, at the moment, there is no standardized integration for passing data from ad networks to MMPs as it’s not stipulated in Apple’s documentation; therefore, you won’t see this data for now, on the Tenjin dashboard. By integrating the SDK today, you won’t need to update it once those integrations are live.

To-do list:

  • Integrate Tenjin SDK to be ready for the moment Apple validated integrations between MMPs, and ad networks are prepared and have Apple’s App Tracking Transparency integrated beforehand
  • Talk with ad networks about their plans.
  • Read official ad networks' blogs
Click here to download iOS.
Click here to download Unity

For the past release notes, please read this. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

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