Increase ROI With Tenjin's Deferred Deep Linking

Tenjin’s latest feature, deferred deep linking for ads, enables one of the Web’s best features for mobile apps.

Imagine you're on your phone, looking for the newest Air Jordans. Which ad is more appealing?

"Get shoes here"


"Get the Air Jordan 6 Retro Chameleon here."

More clicks -- and more valuable clicks -- will go to the second ad, because it speaks to users who have a clear intent.

But for marketers to get the full value of those clicks, they need the users to go to the sales page for the Air Jordans they want. That doesn’t happen on mobile. Instead, users are directed to an app store to download the app, and then when the user opens the app, they get a generic front page. Mobile ads lack depth: they take the user to an app store download page, but no further.

Getting the user to the right page in the app economy is obviously harder: how do you get past the app store page, which you don’t own? Even if the user already has your app, there are few methods for opening the app to a specific location.

That’s why Tenjin’s solution is called deferred deep linking: the link goes straight to the final destination by deferring the initial landing page of the app. The user goes directly to the Air Jordans after installing the app, instead of a generic page, where purchase intent may be lost.

And lifts in ROI show that deep linking is the next step for mobile ads. Just one example is that online retail giant Lazada’s mobile app sales — which are driven by ads with deferred deep links — now grow three times as fast as their mobile Web sales.

Mobile deep links have an obvious use in ecommerce, but they also work well with ads for games and entertainment apps. For instance, a racing game can run ads promoting an exclusive McLaren F1. Users can click on the ad, install the app, and immediately start burning rubber with the McLaren F1.

Marketers benefit hugely from deferred deep linking, too. Experienced web marketers feel hobbled on mobile: traditional Web deep links are unreliable, only taking the user to the correct location if the app is already installed. And traditional deep links can be a pain to manage, too, often requiring long spreadsheets tracking custom links. Deferred deep links use Tenjin’s dashboard, which pulls together an overview of all active deep links, including conversion rates, cost per user, and any corresponding lifts or dips in LTV.

You can start integrating deferred deep links on your ads today. Simply.... Get in touch for more at

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