Wagon: one of our favorite BI tools

Good app developers build unique analyses because, well...good apps are unique. Today, Tenjin is partnering with a really cool (and free!) BI tool called Wagon.

Wagon is a perfect complement to Tenjin's DataVault. By using Wagon, your teams can develop and share custom analyses that are important for finding pockets of insight that unlock value no standardized dashboard can tell you.

Tenjin customers can use Wagon to build predictive models, lists of lookalike users, funnel analyses, practically anything you can think of with a programmatic interface. If you just can't think of anything unique to analyze, our team would be happy to give you some suggestions!

If you have any questions on how to get started with Wagon or DataVault, please contact the Tenjin team at support@tenjin.io.

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