Now You Can Save Your Data Exporter Settings

One of the most popular and frequently used features of the Tenjin platform is our Data Exporter, which enables developers to run just about any type of report they wish and then download it as a CSV file. Many of our clients use this feature every day to run a specific type of report and then either share it with their colleagues or manipulate the data for themselves.

Today, we are launching an update to this feature that allows developers to save the settings from their previous report so that they don’t have to re-enter all the criteria the next time they want to export their data.

We found that many people run the same report every day, and that in lots of cases they are using the same data every day. With all of the variables that we enable within our reports, this is sometimes no small feat. They have to enter the date range, level of granularity, apps, marketing channels, metrics, groups, and more. But now, with our new “Save Report” feature, the same report will be there when they come back to the Data Exporter next time.

Of course, the reports can easily be altered or updated simply by adding or removing any elements you’d like. But since you’ll be starting with the baseline report that you’d saved during your last session, this new feature should be a serious time saver.

To get started, simply look for the new “Save Report” button now available on the Data Exporter screen of the Tenjin dashboard. Let us know what you think by emailing us at, or let us know what other new features you’d like to see us build next year.

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