New Feature: Standardized Ad Monetization Reporting API for Developers

Tenjin makes tracking ad monetization easier through its new standardized Ad Monetization Reporting API.

Developers used to build their own tools for tracking ad network performance -- or worse, manually aggregate and track ad monetization data in a spreadsheet. Tenjin's new ad monetization API shortcuts either method. Every ad network an app developer integrates and monetizes with is aggregated into a simple schema.

Ad monetization data from various ad network APIs can now be pulled directly from the Tenjin API to a data warehouse, like our DataVault, for analysis. Marketers can use this ad monetization data to identify LTV that comes from ad monetization and adjust their ad spend for user acquisition. Or, better yet, API data can be used to change your mediation strategy, keeping the best value networks at the top of your waterfall.

Advanced measurement tools for ad monetization are especially exciting in 2017, as ads become a significant source of revenue for a range of mobile developers. With higher revenue, comes higher performance that can be used to take action on: it's now crucial for every dev monetizing from ads to measure performance across a range of networks.

The ad monetization reporting API is the second we've added recently -- be sure to check out our ad spend API as well, which seamlessly delivers data from your acquisition campaigns. Just log in for our updated API documentation, or get in touch at for more.

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