Introducing a Better Way to Track Mobile Users

Tenjin is proud to announce its new mobile web-based cookie attribution technology!

Currently iOS marketers depend on inaccurate mobile fingerprinting technology to attribute a user's install to a clicked ad. At a high level, fingerprinting captures many attributes about a user's device when an ad is clicked and directed through a browser. The attributes collected on the click are matched as closely as possible to the attributes collected on the install of the app. If the attributes are the same, it's assumed that the user who clicked on the ad is the one who installed the app.

This seems all well and good, but as you can imagine, many of these attributes change over time, or are similar amongst many simultaneous active devices, leaving inaccurate attributions and deteriorating accuracy.

Marketing Land wrote an article about how cookies are dead on mobile and the industry, thus far, dealt with inaccurate tracking on mobile iOS.

Tenjin lets you live in a new (more accurate) world now. The Tenjin team recently developed a proprietary solution using mobile cookies to track the source of iOS installs without deteriorating the user click-to-install experience or harming performance. Because cookies offer more accurate and reliable measurement, they're a better solution for mobile attribution analytics.

This is another step towards creating technology for true user-based attribution on web and mobile.

The technology is bundled with the newest release of the Tenjin's iOS SDK.

Update: September 6, 2016
-- We have removed the functionality to read cookies via a SafariViewController from the latest version of our iOS SDK in accordance with Apple's App Store guidelines.

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