Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Tenjin Highlights from 2016

A lot can happen in a year. Especially in the world of tech startups, a year can seem like a decade. And yet it seems to go by in the blink of an eye. As we look back at 2016, we realize just how much we accomplished in a relatively brief timespan, and not only does it make us appreciate how far we’ve come, but also how excited we are for 2017.

2016 was the year that Tenjin officially put itself “on the map,” and we begin the new year feeling thankful for all of our great partners, clients and friends who helped make the last 12 months what they were.

With that in mind, we’d like to share some of the highlights that show just how far we came in 2016:

New Funding
In June, we announced our second round of funding, led by NetEase Capital. The story was broken by Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat, who nicely captured the value prop we offer in (A) “fighting SDK fatigue,” and (B) providing smaller companies with a business intelligence infrastructure to tie together attribution, analytics and aggregate spend data in a way that lets them compete with much larger app developers.

New Product Features
It is amazing to see how much the platform itself evolved in 2016, sometimes in small, iterative steps, sometimes in leaps and bounds. Seemingly minor features such as batch uploading, email and dashboard alerts, data exporting, and custom channels actually made a major difference in terms of efficiency or effectiveness for many of our clients, while other changes, like the roll-out of our Self-Service Platform and our new Agency feature, set a new bar for the entire industry. Meanwhile, our DataVault product was embraced by numerous developers who found that it provided the robust marketing infrastructure they needed to conduct smarter, more effective marketing campaigns.

New Partnerships
We are firm believers that the tech industry is at its best when it collaborates, and to that end we forged meaningful partnerships with several important companies throughout 2016. These include:

  • deltaDNA: The deep data analytics and real-time marketing platform
  • Corona Labs: The ultimate 2D development platform
  • Bidalgo: An official Facebook Marketing Partner specializing in Facebook performance marketing with proprietary technology
  • Mode: An analytics platform that offers a SQL editor, Python notebook, and visualization builder, all rolled into one.

New Hires
We practically doubled the size of our team in 2016, adding important new hires such as Christopher Nixon as a senior software engineer and Brett Orlanski as our new vice president of business development and revenue.

New Office
To accommodate all those new hires (as well as those still to come), we moved into a brand new office located in downtown San Francisco. It’s got a kitchenette, a conference room, and even a couch where our Head of Marketing, Sunny Cha, can occasionally be found taking a post-lunch nap.

New Clients
Of course, nothing else would matter if we hadn’t landed some great new clients in 2016, ranging from small independent studios like Lockwood Publishing and Schoold to industry leaders like Yelp, Hotel Tonight, Big Blue Bubble, Simple Habit and RetailMeNot.

For every startup, there comes a time when you realize that the company is either going to make it or break it, and for us, 2016 was the year we knew we would make it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our success, and here’s looking forward to a great 2017!

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