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We’ve decided to make one of our first training materials on post- iOS 14 measurement available to everyone, training previously only available to Tenjin clients. Starting from the iOS 14 release in September and going forward, user acquisition on mobile will turn into something very different. This is why it’s crucial to start preparing for those changes now.

Training ‘iOS 14: Rethinking measurement for Google & Facebook’ highlights the changes between metrics and dimensions for Traditional MMP Attribution and new SKAdNetwork attribution. We decided to focus on this topic first for the following reasons:

    • As mentioned in the previous post, we think that SANs, like Google and Facebook, will be first to adopt a new attribution framework, SKAdNetwork, by Apple.
    • Most of the publishers’ ad budgets are spent on SANs.

With SKAdNetwork, UA managers will have to make their decisions based on much smaller datasets. It has never been so important for marketers to understand what data will be available for them. The best way to prepare for September is to simulate your reporting using SKAdNetwork metrics and dimensions and think about what can help you make the right decisions based on that data.

Below is one of the slides that you will find in the training. Higher resolution is available in the training file

Deep Dive – Your user-level Facebook data is going away.

What does this mean? With iOS 14, all MMPs, such as Appsflyer and Adjust; as well as Tenjin, clients are losing access to user-level Facebook data. This includes, as the sample training slide suggests, LTV data for the channel, campaign, creative and site_id dimensions. Learn in the training what other data is going away and contact your Tenjin account manager to learn how you should prepare for iOS14.

Yes, this will be challenging, but that also means new opportunities for small app developers. Whoever will master the latest reporting in the shortest time will have an advantage over others.

Whether you are a small or a prominent developer, you better be ready for the upcoming changes. The work of UA managers and the tools that they use are changing significantly. There is still so much more to discover, and we are still waiting for more information from our partners, this time can be used to prepare for what’s coming ahead.

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