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[UPDATE on March 31, 2021]: Closed beta is complete. Attribution Modeling Stage 1 is now available for all Tenjin users. Make sure to contact to enable new features for your account.

We are happy to announce that we are launching a closed beta for the first stage of our iOS 14.5 solution  – Attribution Modeling.  In the first stage, all the users who signed up to Tenjin get SKAdNetwork Conversion Values reporting for free. We are especially proud that we are the only MMP that offers this with the flexibility to use all 64 values at the customer’s discretion. We believe that developers should not pay for the native attribution that Apple provides them for free.

In the last few months, our clients were ‘rushed’ by the sales army of the more conservative attribution products, offering them pricing that locks them to one-year contracts. The writing is on the wall: vendors who were charging based on the paid installs needed to sell those paid installs before they turned into pumpkins with iOS 14.5. Read more about this in the blog posts Attribution in 2021: what will and will not work and 6 things no one tells you about iOS 14.5.

Tenjin has chosen a different direction. Just as we mentioned in September 2020, we don’t think it’s fair to charge app publishers for installs, especially after iOS 14.5. Today we are delivering on this promise. We want SKAdNetwork Conversion Values to become available for everyone who has Tenjin SDK installed.

Bear in mind, this is only the first stage of our Attribution Modeling rollout. We are not stopping at making SKAdNetwork Conversion Values available for everyone. We want to minimise the impact of iOS 14.5 changes by building a new App Store compliant way to measure advertising performance using LTV and ROI, the main KPIs for understanding effective advertising.

Attribution Modeling Roadmap Overview

Stage 1 – SKAdNetwork Conversion Values becomes available for free

Stage 2 – Cohort ROI and LTVs in Tenjin Dashboard

Stage 3 – Cohort ROI and LTV along with probability % for advanced clients with internal BIs  

Today we will focus on what our customers should expect in Stage 1.

Stage 1 – Measure SKAdNetwork Conversion Values for Free

Conversion Values reporting is available for Tenjin clients in a closed beta for the following tools without any extra charge:

Unlike other MMPs, Tenjin is not limiting SKAdNetwork potential by enforcing a 6 Conversion Values limit. With Tenjin, developers have the flexibility to track all 64 Conversion Values available in SKAdNetwork.

Please note, Conversion Values will be available only for Ad networks that support SKAdNetwork campaigns and integrated with Tenjin.  Currently, the following ad networks are either being tested or integrated with our Conversion Values reporting:

    • Snap
    • Ironsource
    • Mintegral
    • Unity
    • Applovin
    • Vungle
    • Tapjoy

The full list is available here. More ad networks are coming soon. We will keep you posted as those networks are tested.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Tenjin SDK and that you have followed set up instructions to enable Conversion Values reporting.

Bear in mind that not all ad networks support SKAdNetwork yet.

Our clients can influence our prioritisation of specific ad network integrations. If you have suggestions for adding new networks, please email us at with the ad network representative cc’d.

Additionally, there is a pool of ad networks that have not announced if they are going to send the Conversion Values to MMPs. The best example here is Facebook. There is no indication that Facebook is going to send Conversion Values to any third parties, including the existing certified Facebook MMPs. However, aggregated Conversion Values are going to be available via publicly accessible reporting API similarly to reported impressions, reported clicks, and reported installs.

Please contact your customer success manager or email us at  if you want to take part in the beta.

You can learn more about the importance of SKAdNetwork Conversion Values in this dedicated blog about SKAdNetwork.

Tenjin provides a set of training to prepare advertisers for iOS 14.5

We understand that SKAdNetwork and Conversion Values are completely new concepts that advertisers need time and some practice to grasp. This is why all Tenjin customers are eligible to receive the following training:

    • #430 – iOS14 To Do & Conversion Value Training
    • #517 –  ConversionValue Modelling For Hyper – Casual games
    • #518 – Introduction to Tenjin Attribution Modeling
    • #519 – Tenjin & Facebook:  SKAdNetwork set-up
    • Work in progress: #310 – Use A Script To Combine Conversion Values with Aggregated data using Tenjin’s Reporting Metrics API

Just email if you want to get any of these training.

We are excited to launch the closed beta for the first stage of Attribution Modeling. We really hope that our example is going to encourage other MMPs to change the way they price around native attribution products like SKAdNetwork, maintain quality standards around LTV/ROI reporting, and also make things more focused on developer needs for flexibility.  Our team is even more excited about what is planned in Attribution Modeling stages 2 and 3. Stay tuned.

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