InMobi & Tenjin Ad monetization report: One month after Google play changes

Tenjin and InMobi have combined their efforts to bring to you a new edition of the ‘Ad monetization insights for mobile game developers’ report. The infographic provides an overview of the key aspects of the ad monetization market in October 2022. We have chosen to focus only on October to reveal the short-term effects of the new Google Play ad policy that took effect on 30th September 2022. The results might surprise you.

It goes without saying that mobile ad monetization is going through turbulent times. It all started with the introduction of ATT (App Tracking Transparency) on iOS. The change has significantly decreased publishers’ ad revenue from Apple’s platform. As a result of ATT, Android has become a temporary safe haven for many IAA (in-app-advertisement) developers. Publishers have already gotten used to Android bringing them significantly more ad revenue than iOS (which was unthinkable just three years ago).

However, now there is a new policy looming over Android apps – Google Play’s all new ‘Better Ads Experience’. This new policy ensures that interstitial ads will not be shown in unexpected ways to users. The big question now for everyone is: how big of a hit will this be?

In this report we’ve included the following insights:

– Ad revenue and impression share per platform and ad format

– Top countries by ad revenue for both Android and iOS

– eCPM, ad impressions, and ad revenue dynamics for interstitial ads on Android

Download the Report
Note that the infographic is divided into two parts. Anonymized data from Tenjin and InMobi has been included in the report respectively.
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