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UPDATE: We’ve released a new benchmark report here for 2022.

Our analysis of $48 million in hyper-casual installs reveals powerful new insights into mobile gaming’s hottest new sub-genre.

Hyper-casual games are the latest exciting phenomenon to take shape in the mobile gaming world. They’ve quickly become one of the most profitable and widely enjoyed genres in the app store, and players around the world can’t get enough. Fortunately for publishers, mobile ad networks have been able to provide marketers with the paid acquisition options they need to grow their hyper-casual portfolios at a profit. The market is filling up, which means publishers need to act quickly in order to corner all possible advantages.

Our latest benchmark report summarizes our analysis of over 240 million hyper-casual installs using sample data from the Tenjin platform. These installs represent $48 million in ad spending across 36 countries during the first half of 2018. To ensure statistical significance, only countries with 1M or more tracked installs were included.

From this data, we’ve generated insights for the following questions:

    • How cost-effective is the hyper-casual sub-genre compared to mobile games overall?
    • Which countries offer the lowest publishing costs for the highest returns in market share?
    • What is the mobile advertising network of choice for hyper-casual publishers?

These are just a few of the powerful insights that will help you determine the most cost-effective platforms, countries, and networks when growing hyper-casual games in 2018 and beyond.

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