Hyper-casual Benchmark Report: H1 2020

(Note: You can find our latest Hyper-casual benchmark report for Q3 2022 here).

Find out how to get your copy of our latest benchmark report for 2021.

Our hyper-casual benchmark report for H1 2020 is here; you can download it below. Inside you find median CPIs and IPMs for hyper-casual games with the breakdown per top country and ad network for the first six months of 2020. Plus, you will find the top ad networks by ad spend and ad revenue.

The first half of this year has seen no shortage of big events. Notably, COVID-19. We did a panel on COVID-19 and its effects on hyper-casual leading up to the release of this report.

Some of the questions we answer in the report:

What are the CPIs for the top 10 countries and ad networks?
What are the Top 10 ad networks per ad spend and ad revenue?
What are the Top 10 ad networks' IPM?

We hope you find this useful for your monetization and UA strategies.

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