Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS campaigns increased YOMI Studio's ARPDAU by 60% - Case Study

In this case study, we take you through the journey of YOMI Studio as they enter an unprecedented phase of hyper-growth after incorporating Tenjin’s Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS Campaigns. Here is a summary of what they achieved:

  • 60 hours  per month of co-founder’s time saved
  • 60 % ARPDAU uplift
  • 2x more installs
  • 9% higher day 7 retention rate
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About YOMI Studio

YOMI studio is a small studio (10 people at the moment), based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam that fully focuses on building casual mobile games. YOMI studio combines technology, art, and hard work to develop beautiful, entertaining and meaningful games.

The Challenge

The co-founder at YOMI Studio is the only person that works on user acquisition. He is also in charge of product development and finance. It’s incredibly difficult to monitor everything at the same time and run UA campaigns. In the past, he monitored each campaign manually in a BI dashboard and adjusted bids based on reported ROAS. As he wanted to optimize on multiple levels e.g. campaign, country, source, this quickly became impossible for one person to accomplish.

The Solution

YOMI Studio began passing ad mediation revenue to ad networks via Tenjin. Impression Level Revenue Data (ILRD) is then used in ROAS campaigns to automatically detect high-value users and bid for them accordingly - without the involvement of the co-founder.

Combining Tenjin Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS campaigns made a huge difference for YOMI Studio - both in terms of time-saving and campaign performance. On average, YOMI Studio assessed that they now save around 40-60 hours per month on campaign optimization.

Sample ad campaigns results

Install Volume

On the 12th day after the launch of ROAS campaigns, install volume started to increase drastically.  When compared to ordinary campaigns with the same targeting properties, ROAS campaigns acquired two times more users within 30 days of launch.

Light Nguyen explained that they can scale campaigns at will because after a campaign starts to deliver results, he can increase the budget with confidence.


ARPDAU in ROAS campaigns is 60% higher than CPI campaigns.

Day 7 Retention

ROAS campaigns had on average 9% higher retention when compared to CPI campaigns

Download Case Study

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