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Hypercasual games are a rapidly growing and highly competitive category of mobile games. With so many developers entering the market, it can be difficult for new games to stand out and gain a foothold. However, Oreon Studios’ Monster Draft has a unique hybrid of card games and hypercasual runner games that offers players a unique team-building experience. By combining elements of both genres, Monster Draft was able to provide a fresh and engaging gameplay experience that set it apart from other hypercasual games on the market.

Mintegral and Tenjin partnered with Oreon Studios in September 2022 to help them better scale and monetize their game.

About Oreon Studios and Monster Draft

Oreon Studios has produced 20+ games since the company’s foundation in 2022. Their most popular game Monster Draft has reached 5M+ downloads in Google Play Store and Apple App Store combined. The game has reached the Top 5 in Japan, the Top 20 in Canada and Indonesia, and the Top 50 in various countries in the Gaming/Action category.


In Monster Draft, players must navigate through various obstacles and select monsters to join their team as they run. Players must collect, create, and merge monsters to build a formidable team to defeat their opponents. It combines card games and hypercasual runner games in order to create a better team-building experience.

About the Partnership

“Our partnership with Tenjin and Mintegral works like magic. Thanks to Tenjin, we were able to accelerate our self-publishing operation impressively in no time. With Mintegral, we increased our scaling by almost two times in three months and decreased our overall CPI on average by 40%”. – Abdurrahman Mert Safak, Co-Founder of Oreon Studios

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Oreon Studios used Tenjin’s advertising and ad monetization analytics tools to open their own self-publishing branch. Thanks to Tenjin’s flexible dashboard that offers over 100 metrics, the Oreon Studios team was able to easily view and analyze their data in one place. This significantly simplified the process of making quick user-acquisition (UA) decisions for them.

The ad revenue and ad spend aggregation in Tenjin allowed Oreon Studios to track and analyze these numbers across various marketing channels, giving them a better understanding of their overall performance. Moreover, Tenjin’s cohorted ROI and LTV for ad revenue-based apps feature helped the UA team at Oreon Studios to optimize their efforts on multiple levels, including channel, campaign, country, and source.

Mintegral helped Monster Draft increase their UA by targeting top ad inventory to reach high-quality players and using a flexible bidding strategy to constantly improve ROAS. Mintegral also helped with their monetization strategy, uplifting the game’s monthly earnings to around 10% by providing real-time analysis, using a mix of custom ad formats/placements, and improving ad filling rates powered by high-quality ad resources.

In the Q4 2022 Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report by Tenjin, Mintegral emerged as the top performer for the lowest CPI on both Android and iOS. This success can be attributed to Mintegral’s efficient user acquisition and monetization strategies, resulting in a significant decrease of 40% in CPI for the game Monster Draft in the US and Asian markets.

Source: Original post was published by Mintegral

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