How Tenjin Fits Into The Marketing Stack: 3 Options For Different Growth Stages

Tenjin is an extremely flexible marketing infrastructure. It can be many things to many people. We built our platform from the ground up so that it could easily be plugged into an app developer’s marketing stack in a number of ways. So no matter what stage of growth your app is in, Tenjin can be setup to work with the rest of your stack and provide exactly the right type of value you need.

Let’s take a look at three of the most common scenarios.

1. Complete Growth Infrastructure for Indie Developers

The good news for indie app developers is that there are so many marketing and app development tools available throughout the industry that massive amounts of data can be collected to compete with the big guys. The bad news, however, is that the data is typically disorganized, fragmented and difficult to compare across channels.

To truly succeed as an app developer in today’s environment, you have to build an infrastructure that ties together data from all of your marketing and advertising campaigns along with data from your in-app analytics. The infrastructure should also make the raw data accessible so that you can run optimization queries on it based on your apps’ needs.

But building and maintaining such as infrastructure is expensive and time consuming. Many top developers spend around $500,000 building their own growth stack, with some spending as much as $50 million to do so. And that’s not counting the cost of taking their engineers away from making and maintaining a great app. Obviously, most indie developers don’t have that luxury.

That’s where Tenjin comes into play. Our software automates the marketing infrastructure needed around capturing user source, cost, behavior, ad revenue lifetime value, and purchase lifetime value. This is all exposed and managed through our marketing analytics dashboard and our data warehouse product called DataVault.

Collectively, our platform provides the complete growth infrastructure for indie developers that lets them immediately compete with the big guys. With our pricing it’s free to try and at later stages it’s affordable. With the Tenjin Platform you get your own growth data infrastructure, a team of experts, and a community to support you. With a level playing field, your app has a real shot to hit it big.

2. A La Carte Services

Some developers already have one or more of the pieces in place that they need as part of their own growth infrastructure. That is quite understandable, and Tenjin can be just as valuable when you plug in our various tools on an a la carte basis. For example, here are a few of the ways that you can use the Tenjin platform in conjunction with other marketing and analytics tools already in use:

    A.) Bring your own tracking/attribution. Tenjin easily integrates with any of the major attribution providers, including adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava and TUNE. If you use a 3rd party Attribution partner, Tenjin can tie your attributed users to their campaigns, post install behavior, LTV, and acquisition cost by utilizing the Attribution partner's passthrough click parameters.
    B.) Bring your own analytics. Tenjin also easily integrates with most major analytics platforms -- including DeltaDNA and Amplitude -- in case you want to run analytics, remote A/B testing, performance tracking or crash tracking separately.
    C.) Bring your own deeplinking. Many of our clients bring their own deeplinking solution to Tenjin -- especially Facebook deeplinks.
    D.) Bring your own mCRM provider. We allow you to send Tenjin data to just about any mobile CRM provider, such as Leanplum.

3. Tenjin For Professionals

Tenjin is a freemium service that allows app developers to send us up to 12 million events per month and access our complete infrastructure for free. You can also access the last 7 days’ worth of data in DataVault for free. But to access data older than 7 days or to analyze more than 12 million events per month, you’ll have to upgrade to our Unlimited plan for professional marketers.

With access to unlimited data, there’s no telling what you can do. Savvy marketers will find ways to slice and dice the data in order to accomplish any number of goals. That said, here are some of the more common use cases for our Unlimited plan:

    A.) LTV Prediction. By studying the characteristics of your most valuable users and understanding the early behaviors that signify their potential, you can begin to look for other users who show high LTV potential early on and conduct nurturing campaigns to make sure they monetize effectively.
    B.) Custom Audiences & Lookalike Campaigns. If you’re running advanced Custom Audience or Lookalike campaigns on Facebook or Google, our platform can help you understand what audiences are the best fit for your campaigns.
    C.) Advanced Dashboard for Execs. C-Level execs need to understand what’s happening with your app and what trends reflect its performance. Tenjin provides an advanced dashboard that lets execs look at the data from any angle they choose.
    D.) Managing Data Warehouses & Data Engineering Team. Data warehouses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to to build, and they can be just as costly to maintain. With Tenjin, organizations can save these costs while still getting access to a flexible and customizable data warehouse.
    E.) Automating APIs & Scripts. When you build your own data warehouse, you constantly have to write scripts and integrate with APIs in order to tie your warehouse into 3rd party platforms and services. But Tenjin already integrates with many of the leading platform providers to save you the hassle.
    F.) Connect DataVault to Your Own Infrastructure. While DataVault is a comprehensive data warehouse that provides everything you’ll need, we understand that there may be times when you want to connect your own infrastructure. For those developers, we’ve built DataVault in a way that allows developers to easily tie in their own pieces with very little engineering.

These are just a few of the many use cases for Tenjin’s Unlimited service for professional app developers. As we hope this post has shown, Tenjin is an extremely flexible solution that can help app developers grow their apps at all stages of its lifecycle and all stages of their business’ growth. So whether you’re an indie developer just getting started or a more established developer looking to plug in certain pieces of your marketing stack, give Tenjin a try.

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