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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022 starts today, marking two years since a seminal moment for our industry. WWDC 2020 was when Apple first announced changes to how developers could access its identifier for advertisers (IDFA).

So while the eyes of the world are locked on the next sleek MacBook or iPhone, ours will again be fixed on potential changes to how advertising works on iOS. With a mooted expansion of Private Relay and potential clamp down on fingerprinting, the iOS 16 announcement will doubtless have some more surprises in store.

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Looking back at WWDC 2020, how has mobile marketing changed in the past two years and, in particular, since app tracking transparency (ATT) came into force just over a year ago? At Tenjin, we live and breathe this stuff on behalf of our customers but even for us, it’s hard to quantify the scale of the challenge mobile advertisers are facing. So earlier this year we partnered with Growth FullStack and decided to commission a survey of game and app developers in the US and UK to hear how companies outside the Tenjin network have been faring.

I’m pleased to say the full findings of this research have now been published, giving you a chance to compare your experience of privacy-first marketing with other advertisers in companies of all shapes and sizes.

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We know that automation is the key to scaling multiple apps and games in the privacy-first world, particularly with vast amounts of anonymized SKAdNetwork data to handle. This is backed up by our research, which shows 98% of mobile advertisers plan to automate some or all of their marketing processes.

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