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Metajoy partnered with Tenjin to get help with marketing analytics and organizing their self-publishing efforts. They were able to leverage Tenjin’s powerful analytics tools to gain a better understanding of their user acquisition and engagement and to optimize their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Metajoy attributes the following as the results of their partnership with Tenjin:

  • 36% year-over-year revenue increase
  • 30% reduction in user acquisition costs
  • 15% increase in advertising spend

To learn more about how they achieved these impressive outcomes, read the full case study below

metajoy-quote-self-publishingAbout Metajoy

Metajoy is a mobile game development company based in Chengdu, China. They specialize in developing and publishing casual games for a global audience. With over 20 million downloads to date, Metajoy has been making a name for itself since its founding in 2018. Currently, the company has a team of more than 80 people.


Metajoy was founded in 2018. It started off as a small team of less than 10 people who specialized in developing mobile games that were subsequently published by other companies.

Over time, however, they realized that they wanted more control over their creations. Additionally, it became evident that if they tried to publish their games on their own they could significantly increase their profit margins. Thus, they decided to venture into self-publishing.

At that moment though, the mobile marketing space was already very competitive—especially for a small team entering the global market. Metajoy needed an edge over the competition, beyond building great games. However, at that point they did not have any expertise in publishing games on their own. The new endeavor seemed very risky at the start.

Since self-publishing was a daunting prospect for Metajoy, given their lack of expertise in the area, it was clear that they needed a marketing solution that would enable them to navigate the intricacies of the industry with ease and confidence.


Metajoy partnered with Tenjin to get help with marketing analytics, and organizing their self-publishing efforts. They were able to leverage Tenjin’s powerful analytics tools to gain a better understanding of their user acquisition and engagement, and to optimize their marketing campaigns accordingly. Through this partnership, the Metajoy team identified three key factors that helped them gain a competitive edge in the mobile gaming industry.

  • Tenjin’s unique and regularly provided training modules
  • Advanced reporting and automation powered by Tenjin’s DataVault product
  • Increased profit margins thanks to Tenjin’s cost-effective pricing

Tenjin started by providing tailored user-acquisition training for Metajoy, which laid the foundation for their successful publishing business. The training sessions were hands-on and involved a comprehensive review of top-performing user-acquisition strategies. The training also focused on effectively analyzing user behavior and using that information to optimize user acquisition. With the success of the initial training sessions, Tenjin continued to work closely with Metajoy to develop and implement a range of successful marketing campaigns that effectively reached and engaged their target audience. Thanks to the partnership between Tenjin and Metajoy, the latter’s publishing business has been able to achieve significant growth and success over the years.

Tools for self-publishingAs Metajoy continued to grow and expand its operations, the team saw the need for more advanced training to keep up with the latest technology trends. As a result, they sought to integrate Tenjin’s data warehouse product, DataVault, into their internal tech stack. With their new business intelligence system in place, they started to generate unique reports where they could crunch the marketing data the way they needed. These reports gave the team valuable insights into their marketing data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that would help them to achieve their goals. In addition, DataVault provided Metajoy with crucial granular data, giving the team access to the information they needed, whenever they needed it.

Self-publishing results for puzzle games

Metajoy was able to execute its user-acquisition strategy without any concerns of losing the majority of its profit margins, thanks to the cost-effective attribution from Tenjin. This proved to be especially beneficial in the campaigns for Tier 3 countries. With other marketing analytics providers, the price for attribution can reach the cost per install (CPI) for those campaigns, but with the cost-effective attribution with Tenjin, they were able to save on costs that could be allocated towards other important areas such as developing a good game and user acquisition. In addition, the affordability of the attribution allowed Metajoy to expand their campaigns to a wider range of audiences, resulting in more user acquisition and revenue growth.

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