Launching the new health & unlinked campaigns features

We've updated the Unlinked Campaigns page on the Tenjin Dashboard. You can see all ad placements and campaigns that currently require some attention (pictured below). Moreover, we introduce a new Health tab where notifications for data issues such as unlinked campaigns or ad placements are displayed. Read more on resolving your unlinked campaigns and ad placements here.

This update is relevant for Tenjin Dashboard users, those who've built their dashboards via Looker, and those who run their metrics in DataVault. If you do not use the Tenjin Dashboard, who've built their Dashboard as a hybrid of external data alongside DataVault, then this won't be so relevant for you.

We're excited to introduce Senior Product Designer, Amy Abito. Below are her insights into this new feature

I recently joined Tenjin as a Senior Product Designer in mid-July and worked on this feature as my first project alongside Nixon from our front-end engineering team.

I’m new to the mobile marketing analytics space, so he brought me up to speed on the problem around unlinked campaigns and ad placements: “unlinked” in our case means these campaigns or ad placements aren’t connected (aka linked) to any apps. If left unlinked, ad spend and ad revenue metrics for those campaigns and ad placements would be incorrect on customer dashboards and reports.

There was already a feature in the dashboard to help users accomplish linking campaigns to apps, but it wasn’t easy to use.

Banner alert on dashboard leading to Health Page

Customers often had to scroll through pages of unlinked campaigns to find the one they were looking for, which was time-consuming. They also weren’t able to see which campaigns were even producing metrics worth including on the dashboard, so they had no context around which campaigns they should focus on linking.

To solve those problems and save time for our customers, we added the ability to search for campaigns by name or ID, displayed sortable campaign metrics to help understand which campaigns were most relevant to link, and added the ability to connect campaigns to apps in bulk.

You can see all ad placements and campaigns that currently require some attention on the Health tab.

My role in this project involved iterating on the page’s design and user flows, conducting usability tests to see which design was most effective. And using this as an opportunity to begin creating a design system that we can introduce to other areas of the dashboard in the future. Click here on how to utilise the Health tab and resolve unlinked campaigns.

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