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Growth FullStack is a new ETL tool brought to you by a partnership between Tenjin and GameAnalytics.

2021 has been a year of moving goalposts for mobile marketers, with privacy-first changes on iOS drastically changing app growth strategies. App publishers have been dragged away from their core business of building great apps and games, and forced to deal with complex and disparate datasets (as it was outlined in this article for VentureBeat).

That’s why Tenjin has partnered with our friends at GameAnalytics to create Growth FullStack. It’s the first in a series of developer tools and training resources to empower mobile developers and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals via ETL service and best in class training for the privacy-first world.

What is Growth FullStack?

In a nutshell, Growth FullStack is a brand new and comprehensive ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool. In practice, it’s far more than that.

Growth FullStack tears down the walls between the analytics developers use (say, GameAnalytics) and your attribution (Tenjin or any other provider), to make data work together rather than in parallel.

Growth FullStack enables mobile publishers to:

      • Collect the data that they need (from sources such as SKAdNetwork, AppLovin, and many others)

      • Store it in the way they want (using platforms like Google BigQuery, Amazon S3 and others)

      • Gain insights via an intuitive dashboard built on top of the data (such as Metabase, Tableau and others)

    • And optimize their campaigns activity using off-the-shelf or custom analyses (by choosing something  from the library of training or bring your use case)

So dive into it now!

How does it work?

Growth FullStack allows mobile marketers to autonomously manage their data using the stacks of their choice, while we take care of the rest.

With a no-code, plug-and-play model, Growth Fullstack gives mobile app developers affordable access to insights that would otherwise only be possible with in-house data engineering teams.

How you use your data is up to you, too, but our hope is that Growth FullStack helps amazing indie games go toe-to-toe with the big publishers in the privacy-first world.

Training & Education

The most important thing that separates Growth FullStack from any other tool is the bespoke support and training the team offers. Our responsibility is not just to give you the tools, but to teach you how to use them.

Training is designed based on the daily use cases of mobile publishers from several verticals. We want to make sure you’re able to use Growth FullStack to its full potential and maximise the growth of your apps or games.

Tenjin x GameAnalytics

We can’t take all the credit for this awesome platform. Growth FullStack is really the brainchild of the mutual customers of Tenjin and GameAnalytics, who told us they want us to offer services across their full stack of data tools.

GameAnalytics and Tenjin both offer very popular free platforms and share a commitment to educating our customers. We both sit firmly in the corner of the underdog and want to help game and app developers punch above their weight when it comes to marketing and user acquisition.

Get started today

We’ve got you covered – the simple training materials and tools to get you started are all ready to go. Don’t worry about being a data science expert, just tell us about your stack.

Explore what Growth FullStack has to offer and book a meeting for a demo now.

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