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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Flutter Tenjin Plugin!

This powerful addition to our suite of supported SDK plugins unlocks the potential of cross-platform development by seamlessly integrating Tenjin’s robust analytics features into Flutter applications. With the Flutter Tenjin Plugin, developers can now harness the full potential of Tenjin’s attribution and analytics solutions while building dynamic and engaging mobile apps.

Why Flutter?

Flutter has emerged as a popular choice among developers for building high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications. Powered by Google, Flutter enables the creation of native-quality apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. Its extensive widget catalog, fast rendering engine, and hot-reload feature make it a developer-friendly framework for rapid prototyping and seamless UI development. By adding the Flutter Tenjin Plugin to your app, you can effortlessly combine the power of Flutter with the comprehensive analytics capabilities of Tenjin.

How to get started with the Flutter Tenjin Plugin?

You can find the detailed instructions on how to integrate the Flutter plugin here, or reach out to us directly at if you have any further questions.

What do mobile advertisers get with the Flutter Tenjin Plugin?

App Attribution: The plugin enables you to accurately measure your user acquisition channels, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimize your user acquisition strategy.

Deep Linking: With deep linking support, you can create customized app onboarding experiences and effortlessly redirect users to specific screens within your app, enhancing user engagement and retention.

In-App Events: Measure and analyze in-app events to gain insights into user behavior, measure key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your app’s performance.

Impression-level ad revenue collection and callback optimizations: You can start running return on ad spend (ROAS) campaigns by sending your impression-level revenue data (ILRD) to the ad networks of your choice in real time. Tenjin collects this data after receiving it from your mediation providers via the Tenjin SDK.

Cohort Analysis: Analyze user cohorts based on various attributes such as acquisition source, user behavior, or demographic data. Gain a deeper understanding of user retention, engagement, and monetization patterns to optimize your app’s performance.

Data Warehousing as a service (DataVault): Tenjin’s DataVault is a data warehouse as a service hosted in AWS Redshift. With DataVault, users get access to raw granular data that can be turned into a wide range of use cases.

The Tenjin Flutter Plugin is an exciting addition to our suite of supported SDK plugins, offering developers an effortless way to incorporate Tenjin’s powerful attribution and analytics features into their Flutter applications. By leveraging the plugin’s seamless integration and comprehensive functionality, developers can unlock valuable insights, optimize user acquisition strategies, and drive app growth.

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