Explore User Behavior with Tenjin’s Custom Events Dashboard

Our custom events dashboard lets you explore any user behavior that you want to track. At a high level, you can instrument a custom event anywhere user value might be associated within your app. You can see how often these events occur, what source they came from, how much they cost, and how much value they generated.

For instance, you can track the number of users that completed a certain level, the average number of “level completed” events performed for each user on each day, or how much each action cost you. You can also view the purchase participation rate, the cost per purchaser, and even the cost per purchase.

However, while it’s possible to instrument a custom event anywhere in your app and track any number of custom events, we strongly suggest that you limit it to no more than ten events at a time. The most well-run businesses remain focused on their KPIs, and if you are tracking too many events you are likely to get distracted by those that are inconsequential. The KPIs might change over time, but they should never total more than ten.

If you've been sending us custom events via the Tenjin SDK, you'll be able to view your user behavior around those events and tie them to your campaign costs. Since your KPIs are a proxy for value, like LTV you'll be able to figure out what the return on that value is by tying it to your campaign cost. Just head over to the Custom Events tab on the dashboard and choose which event you're interested in. Since you're using Tenjin attribution, you also get to see all these reports grouped by acquisition channel. And if you've tagged your campaigns, you get all the power of customized grouping (by gender or age, for example) with your custom events!

Tracking custom actions will give you a clearer idea about your customer’s behaviors. This data can be used to test hypothesis based on a certain behavior and to plan new feature releases. Tracking user behavior can also be valuable for identifying pitfalls in the successful usage of your app. You can also do things like identify trouble areas in your app and determine where to focus your efforts. You need to know how many people are making it through each of the steps in your app and to identify any characteristics of those people that differentiate them from other users.

For more details about how to get started, sign up for free and then visit here.

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