Custom Channels Let You Track User ROI From Any Ad Network, Agency, or Channel

App developers can now track if users come from marketing channels outside of any of Tenjin's direct ad network integrations. We call this feature "Custom Channels".

There are 200+ ad networks in the world and Tenjin can work with any of them regardless of a direct integration. Using the added iOS cookie technology and legacy Android referrer param, it's possible to track users from any channel with 100% accuracy on iOS and Android respectively and without IDFA. This means there are infinite channels that marketers have access to.

An interesting use case beyond ad networks, is by tracking agencies. An agency can be made into a Custom Channel, and the performance (ROI, Time to Profitability, LTV, spend, etc.) of that agency's acquisition effort can be easily evaluated at a high level in the Tenjin dashboard, or at the lowest level in DataVault.

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