Case Study: Gamejam ROI +32% using Reporting Metrics API

We share our newest case study with Vietnam game developer, Gamejam. We discuss how a small user acquisition team learned to manage campaigns without devoting significant time to the task. The team needed to find a solution that centered around optimizing their bid automation. They integrated Tenjin's free Reporting Metrics API in order to enrich their BI system with cohort data from Tenjin.

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Humble Beginnings

Gamejam is a small team of 10+ people from Vietnam. With more than 200 million installs worldwide, Gamejam is the fastest-growing hyper-casual developer of 2020. Gamejam is also known for creating games in collaboration with music celebrities such as DJ Marshmello and Tekashi 6ix9ine.


It’s crucial for a hyper-casual publisher to bid quickly and frequently for potential installs with high LTV potential. Gamejam advertises 30+ games on 10+ ad channels campaigns in 25 countries and numerous campaigns. That potentially creates >7500 bid changes that the UA team will check and adjust daily. However, to enable bidding on this level of granularity, the advertiser needs to automate their workflows.



Gamejam has been using Tenjin for attribution and ad revenue LTV calculations via the free dashboard. The team decides to level-up their toolset and start using Tenjin Reporting Metrics API to enrich their internal BI system with cohort ROI data from Tenjin.

Gamejam integrated Tenjin Reporting Metrics API with its internal BI system to pull out cohort ROI on each available bid dimension. As the next step, Gamejam has created a layer of triggered rules when an advertisement reaches a particular goal. For example, a simple version of this rule - if ROI >50% for campaign A on the first day, increase the bid 10%.


After implementing in-house automated bidding, Gamejam has seen that the ROI has increased by 32% on ad channels that support bidding.

Furthermore, bidding automation allowed Gamejam to restructure their UA team: of a three-person team, only one is doing campaign management. Which means the rest of the team can focus on creatives and automation.

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