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Tenjin’s Campaign Bucketing tool lets you combine and match siloed campaign data across ad networks and attribution partners within a dashboard and data warehouse with OR without Tenjin’s SDK.

Mobile marketing tools make it easier to navigate our complex industry, but there are still obstacles to address. One of them is the lack of standards between campaign sources. When marketers try to collect and manipulate data from multiple sources, they face the complicated and time-consuming task of manually translating disparate campaign data into actionable forms.

One of the issues marketers experience is ‘naming discrepancies’. These occur when third-party attribution (source for installs and in-app events) campaign names are placed in the campaign parameter of tracking links and don’t match with ad network reporting campaign names. For example, “&campaign=app1_ campaign_ios” could come from an attribution provider and the reporting APIs (source for spend data) however, typically take the campaign names from ad network dashboards, which is often something like “App1 Campaign iOS”.

The two rarely match, as there are a number of limitations that are applied to the tracking link when they are used to pass the data. A single mis-matched character would break things. Adding space to the name, for example, would break the link. Mismatching can also occur when the number of ad network campaigns don’t match with the number of tracking links.

One of Tenjin’s priorities is helping clients meet this challenge, even going so far as to manually adjust third-party tracking data ourselves. Today, we’re going a step further with the Campaign Buckets — a new product feature that lets you compile third-party tracking data and API data to your exact specifications. If you have one tracking campaign and five ad network campaigns, Campaign Buckets can tie them together as a unified whole with the resulting metrics updated for the resulting bucket.

The new tool is for Tenjin clients who don’t use our solution for attribution but still want to use our dashboard and manage third-party tracking data under DataVault or their own ETL processes. With a few simple clicks, any client can merge — or “bucket” — data from any attribution source and reporting API into a single campaign. Once these inputs are joined, customers can see the results in the dashboard and DataVault.

As an example, let’s say you have two reporting API campaigns and one third-party attribution campaign:

Reporting API campaigns:

Campaign_iOS_US1=> Cost: $100
Campaign_iOS_US2=> Cost: $55

Third party attribution campaigns:

Campaign_iOS=> LTV:$400

With Tenjin’s Campaign Buckets, you can merge these items to produce a single campaign tying the cost and LTV to yield:

Bucket campaign:

CampaigniOS_US => cost: $155; LTV: $400; ROI: 158%

To make sure the Campaign Buckets’ capabilities would provide value to our customers, we submitted a beta version to several clients and requested feedback. They loved the feature, which exceeded their expectations by merging tracking data with minimal inputs.

With the release of the Tenjin Campaign Buckets, Tenjin users can now leverage the full power of DataVault when working with any combination of data source. You can access the tool today by clicking on this link. For more detailed information, take a look at our technical documentation.

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