Automating Ad Agency Reporting Using Tenjin’s DataVault and Looker

Septeni, one of Japan’s largest advertising agencies, leverages Tenjin’s technology to streamline its business processes. Septeni utilizes Tenjin’s DataVault and Looker, a BI and data analytics platform, to automate their reporting process for their clients. To highlight their operation improvement with Tenjin, we performed a case study interview with Mr. Masayuki Niwa (Sales Manager, Septeni America).


Tenjin: Can you give us some background on Septeni’s organizational structure?

Mr. Niwa: In Septeni America, there are four  main divisions: the Sales team, the Customer Success team, the Creative team, and the Operations team. The Sales team is customer-facing—they handle day-to-day communication and coordination on the ad campaigns with the clients. The Customer Success team is a group of professionals for media buying. The Creative team is for planning and making creatives, and the Operations Team is dedicated to the ground work such as creating daily reports for clients.

Tenjin: What’s your main focus as an ad agency business?

Mr. Niwa: We serve a variety of clients, and leverage both in-app and web advertising channels, and both gaming and non-gaming environments.

Tenjin: How did you start using Tenjin?

Mr. Niwa: We first met the Tenjin team back in 2017 while we were looking for a suitable vendor to streamline our internal reporting process. Tenjin proposed a uniquely robust solution, in conjunction with the BI platform, Looker. After an evaluation period, we decided to test Tenjin. We selected a few trial clients to ensure the reporting data was accurate and aligned with our existing processes. Then we started rolling out the automated reports to more clients this year.


Tenjin: What was the biggest strategic hurdle Septeni faced before partnering with Tenjin, and what did the workflow look like before you integrated with Tenjin?

Mr. Niwa: We needed to create a customized report for each client and, if done manually, this could be a very time-confusing and labor-intensive process. Since ad industry reporting has become more complicated with various new parameters, there is also considerably more room for human clerical error. This is for every ad agency—it’s not unique to Septeni. We created reports in Microsoft Excel using custom macro parameters. The Sales team would ask the Operations team to create the reports and distribute them to clients.

Tenjin: How do Tenjin’s DataVault and the Looker Dashboard support your reporting process?

Mr. Niwa: Tenjin has cost aggregation and attribution import features that incorporate data from various ad-networks. All of that data is then normalized within Tenjin’s DataVault. Next, we connect a pre-defined Looker dashboard directly to DataVault to automate client reporting.

Tenjin: What does the reporting look like for your clients in the system? How does it look in the agency view?

Mr. Niwa: The visualizations are great because Tenjin prepares the default reporting template using Looker ML dashboard. Our Operations staff then just add a final formatting touch for each client. Then the reports can also be customized depending on clients’ specific requests. Also, clients now receive the automated report much faster than the manual report—it’s ready to review first thing in their morning time and useful for client reporting and campaign management.


Tenjin: What measurable impact did Tenjin have on your business?

Mr. Niwa: Tenjin helped us save about 10 hours for reporting operations. If there are 10 clients, it will save 100 hours per month in total which is a huge benefit for us.

Tenjin: How flexible is your reporting system? Do you find that it’s easy to implement changes without IT support?

Mr. Niwa: It is quite flexible. We’re also considering using the entire reporting system to track month-to-date spend for the Sales Team.

Tenjin: How often is the data that you see in the system refreshed?

Mr. Niwa: The entire system updates at least once an hour.

Tenjin: How quickly do you usually receive help from Tenjin support, once requested?

Mr. Niwa: The Tenjin team is very responsive. Usually, we receive a response within a couple of hours.

Tenjin:  What’s the biggest reason you like to use Tenjin?

Mr. Niwa: Tenjin offers proactive support, easier troubleshooting, and customizability.

Tenjin: Do you have any feedback to help us improve Tenjin’s platform or support?

Mr. Niwa: We would prefer support for web networks because we have a quite large number of web clients.

Tenjin: How would you summarize your experience and working relationship with Tenjin?

Mr. Niwa: Very satisfactory. We also get positive feedback from our clients directly. We hope to continue to work together and implement reporting services for more clients.

Thank you so much!

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