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This video is the final part of a trilogy discussing ‘questions about generative AI tools’ featuring Ioana Hreninciuc, Co-founder of PicFinder. PicFinder is a unique web-based AI software for text-to-image generation.

The first two parts of this trilogy explored the question “How can AI simplify tasks for mobile developers?,” and “How to Write a Good Prompt to Generate Assets for a Mobile Game?” and was released last week. You can watch it here.

In this video, we asked Ioana to answer the following questions:

What advice do you have for mobile developers that are using AI?

Don’t overlook the importance of being a skilled professional

“I want to highlight that just because people are using AI, the importance of being a good professional, and being good at what you do has not disappeared.“

Don’t neglect grasping machine learning and data concepts

“Also, I’ve noticed that nobody uses the word machine-learning anymore – it’s always just AI. Things like predictive LTV and A/B testing are still very important. So, don’t assume that you can just use generative AI for everything and get away with it. Try to get a solid understanding of machine-learning and data.”

Do focus on your mobile game’s uniqueness; let AI handle the boring stuff

“Try to have a sense of urgency. It is clear that people who get comfortable with AI sooner, will do better and be more productive. They will create better quality code and assets because they can invest their time in the 20% of their game that is unique, instead of the 80% that is the same (that they can create with the help of AI).

So, my biggest advice to mobile developers would be to invest 80% of your time in the 20% of the part of your mobile game that is unique from what the rest are doing, so you can make that incredible quality and let AI do the boring stuff.”

Do prioritize standing out through your mobile game’s quality

“Don’t assume you can do garbage AI content and get away with it. People are very good at pointing that out. It is now more important than ever to differentiate and stand out with quality.”

What are some of the workflows that developers should still be doing manually, without the help of AI?

“I believe great game design can not be automated. Also economy balancing involves calculations and statistics (and AI can not be used for it).

I think it’s important to mention that you can not put all your eggs in the AI basket. Have a skill that you can use and use AI to develop those skills. There is no replacement for you actually understanding what you’re doing, and having a solid purpose or plan.

I believe it’s a great time to be open-minded and to learn about everything. We are where we are in AI because of years of work and research.“

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