2017 - Highlights From A Banner Year

It’s been quite a year.

The Tenjin team has accomplished more than we ever thought possible, especially considering the high bar we set back in 2016. As 2017 comes to a close, we thought we’d look back at some of our proudest moments from the past year.

We’ve rolled out new product features, expanded our network of technical partnerships and participated in some fantastic community initiatives. It’s all been in pursuit of our mission to build the world’s greatest growth data infrastructure. Here are a few highlights:

Product Updates
Our designers and engineers spent this year developing some of the industry’s most sought-after growth solutions. These features, optimizations, and net-new capabilities will continue to help marketers and analysts achieve their growth goals for years to come:

  • Programmatic Multi-Touch Attribution - The addition of MTA tracking allowed sophisticated marketers to get a holistic view into a customer’s path to conversion. With the help of DataVault, Tenjin users can build their own attribution models, whether they’re an app marketer or a data scientist.
  • Country-Level Ad Revenue Reports - Unlike most attribution platforms which only track IAP revenue, our granular ad-revenue reporting capabilities let publishers get a comprehensive view of every user’s true LTV.
  • Advertising Monetization Reports, Data Exporter and Reporting API - This year we rolled out detailed ad monetization reporting capabilities that prioritize transparency and clarity. As a result, publishers are better able to optimize their ad monetization strategies and acquisition campaigns with true ROI estimates.

This year we had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative technology providers on the planet. By pairing Tenjin’s growth data infrastructure with a variety of contrasting solutions, we’re able to further empower mobile growth professionals. Here are just a few of the integrations we added this year:

  • mParticle - By making it possible through mParticle to leverage Tenjin attribution without integrating the Tenjin SDK, we were able to help developers cut down on integration costs and remain flexible in the construction of their own unique growth stacks.
  • Leanplum - Our Leanplum integration allows Tenjin users to import their data into the Leanplum mobile engagement platform in order to segment and target customers based on important marketing data points like source, cost, behavior and more.
  • Mixpanel - Our integration with Mixpanel lets product experts look at detailed user information pertaining to advertising sources, channels and campaigns alongside data from the rest of the customer journey.

Nobody works in a vacuum. We were lucky enough to get involved with some fantastic peer-run initiatives this year. We were thrilled to do our part to foster innovation, share knowledge, and push the mobile marketing industry forward. Here are a few of the fantastic projects we were involved with:

  • Empowering Frenzoo To Scale - We had the opportunity to work closely with the mobile gaming experts at Frenzoo to scale their entire growth operation. Since partnering with Tenjin in July 2016, Frenzoo has broken company revenue records and continued to run high-value campaigns.
  • Matthaus Featured on the Mobile Growth Podcast - Tenjin’s very own platform director Matthaus Krzykowski had the chance to sit down with Peggy Anne Salz of Mobile Growth Fellowship to discuss some of the unique challenges facing the mobile marketing community, and how Tenjin helps growth professionals overcome them.
  • Casual Connect Indie Prize Award - Tenjin and AppSamurai came together to offer a $41,000 prize to the winner of this year’s Indie Prize Award at Casual Connect. Congrats to the 2017 winners!

With 2018 just around the bend, we’d like to thank everyone who helped make 2017 such an exciting and successful year for us. We’re thankful for every day we get to help mobile growth professionals hit their targets and share what they’ve built with those most likely to enjoy it.

From everyone at Tenjin, thank you for a banner year. We’ll see you in 2018!

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