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We’ve published our list of top 10 ad networks for 2020.

Discover which of the world’s best UA networks best suit your needs.

In today’s mobile-first world, paid advertising is becoming one of the most crucial ways to acquire users and generate revenue. The only problem is prioritizing which networks, agencies and platforms to work with — there are seemingly endless solutions offering unique services, and it can be difficult to decide between them.

To make this task easier, we’ve analyzed the data from the Tenjin growth marketing stack to narrow down the list to a selection of the most widely adopted user acquisition solutions that mobile game marketers should focus on in 2019.


As we recently noted in our 2018 Hyper-Casual Games Report, Facebook often stands well above the competition. Its services offer highly-targeted ads that meet the personal needs of users, all while offering streamlined, native-designed experiences across a variety of ad formats.


Applovin prides itself on connecting mobile game development studios of any size with users around the world. Its platform emphasizes a product-focused approach that promises to grow — and monetize — unique and specialized audiences everywhere.


IronSource is one of the mobile industry’s largest networks, with a publisher client list that includes Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Voodoo among others. As a network, ironSource offers a wide range of features such as user acquisition and monetization with a high value emphasis on data analytics.


Tapjoy is a major player that emphasizes both mobile engagement and monetization as its core priorities. When it comes to user acquisition, Tapjoy leverages its comprehensive expertise and data to put a laser-focus on the highest-value players in your audience.

Google Ads

As the biggest search engine on the planet, Google’s advertising network has an impressive reach. While it can display ads across mobile apps, the platform is also integrated with Google’s search engine to display on relevant searches. It’s also designed to drive additional benchmark goals like increased web traffic, phone calls, and retail visits.

Unity Ads

Managed by the popular game engine company, Unity Ads is a network that natively integrates a wide range of ad formats into the latest games made both on and off the Unity platform. Advertising support is incorporated directly into Unity’s game creation tools, and places an emphasis on engaging, high value formats like rewarded video.


Fyber’s network combines proprietary technology, mediation expertise, RTB, and audience segmentation to holistically deliver mobile advertising. It also prides itself on being the first and only mechanism to achieve a state of header bidding within the app environment.


Vungle’s SDK helps mobile marketers and publishers reach and monetize customers using high converting advertisements. Its platform emphasizes optimization, interactive ad units, and flexible placements.

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads promotes itself as the most affordable mobile network, capable of helping customers find apps for iPhone and iPad. Apple has previously claimed that it offers a 50% average conversion rate, 40% lower than average costs, and 30% higher than average ad revenues.


CrossInstall isn’t just a mobile ad network, it’s also a leading creator of programmatic creatives. It promotes itself as a platform that offers customized gaming experiences and performance analytics.


AdColony is an award-winning mobile advertising and marketing platform with expertise from the earliest app developers for iOS. It uses dedicated support teams to align the goals of advertisers and publishers, maximizing campaign monetization in the process.


As a social media platform that needs little introduction, Snapchat’s messaging services are used by 186 million people around the world each day. That makes it a promising user acquisition channel, one which offers several first-party tools for that exact purpose. Snapchat’s integrated Ads Manager lets businesses fully set up, optimize, and measure marketing campaigns with services that fit a variety of budgets.


Chartboost is an in-app monetization and mobile advertising platform that works with 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android developers. Its advanced targeting capabilities and access to 900 million monthly active users helps companies acquire customers and visualize campaign insights while maximizing ROAs.


Twitter’s audience reach is one of the largest among social media platforms, and it offers advertising solutions to match. Twitter’s ad platform lets marketers target audiences based on geography, personal interests, or account followers before delivering engaging creative to their personal feed.


Liftoff is a full service mobile app marketing and retargeting platform that boasts it can create 100% ROI-optimized campaigns within 60 days or less. During that time, it can profile active users, scale installs, and optimize cost-per-action to maximize the ROI on campaign creative.


Remerge is an app-to-app retargeting solution that emphasizes incremental revenue. It offers personalized ad creative to engage directly with users, and promises continuous revenue uplift for the entire length of campaigns.


Nend is Japan’s top performing mobile ad platform, serving over 280,000 publishers. It offers marketers a wide range of optimization tools and targeting options at no initial cost, billing only for CPC. Nend also bundles reporting and administrative tools that can review the results of individuals ads or publishers on an hourly basis.

Finding a network that meets your user acquisition needs is important, but developing effective ad creative and funnel structure is just as crucial. Check out Tenjin’s white paper 26 Tips for Building the Perfect Mobile App Marketing Funnel to find out how to improve your advertising engagement today.

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